You know it’s properly summer time when the big limited edition Clarins bronzer lands on your desk!!! Year after year this bronzer just brings me immense amounts of joy, and this year is no different. In fact, it probably is slightly different as they’ve amped up the summer feeling with a tortoise shell and pink flamingo & palm tree case. I MEAN…

The Summer Collection (in stores now) is made up of a few items, but I thought I would share with you what I have been using non-stop lately. Giving me all the summery help this pasty skin needs!


Let’s start with my very best, which I’ve pretty much already introduced. This years limited edition bronzing compact is made up of 3 matte shades that I feel would work for SO many skin types. I adore how big these pans are, making it easy for swirling a large fluffy brush through, and giving the skin the perfect sun-kissed look. I also have to say that I feel this is very well priced. These compacts last AGES and are R560. I feel like it would take me well over a year to plough through one of these (and mine get a lot of love). 


I have a soft spot for the SOS primers from Clarins, and have recommended these to a few of you. This collection sees two new shades launching for warmer skin-tones; Bronze (pictured and the one I like) and Mocha (for darker skin tones). I don’t tend to use this as a primer, but use it as a bronzing skin-tint. It has a blurring effect, so is perfect to be used on it’s own with a bit of concealer (if needed).

LIP COMFORT OIL (Delectable Plum) – R335

It is no news to you how much I love my lip comfort oils. In fact, this new shade (Delectable Plum) already has had a lot of battering and bruising as it has not left my handbag! The shade looks very dark in the tube, however, on application it is the most beautiful soft mauve/purple/plum. It’s very subtle, as all the lip oils are, but makes the lips look full, nourished and plump. My lip combo over the last month has been a nude lipstick of mine (MAC Blankety), with a layer of this lip oil – the perfect dusty pink!


This last mention isn’t actually a part of the summer collection, but a new launch from Clarins none-the-less, so thought I would mention it. This is a new line of lipstick formulas to the Joli  Rouge range. We already have the Joli Rouge and the Joli Rouge Brilliant. This is the Joli Rouge Velvet; matte lipsticks!The texture is a buttery, velvet texture and leaves a matte/velvet finish. Nothing too drying or overly matte (that ship has sailed). I love the texture. The two shades pictures are Pink Cranberry 760 (left) and Soft Berry 705 (right). The collection is made up of 10 shades which are in store already.

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