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A few weeks ago I was invited to the launch of the Life Day Spa at the Waterfront. I have been really excited about this launch as I am so often asked for spa recommendations, and there aren’t that many that I wholeheartedly can rave about. Life Day Spa is a spa chain and this is their 7th or 8th spa – these guys know how to play the spa-game and don’t cut any corners when doing so.

I was spoilt to a massage, facial and mani at the newly opened Life Day Spa at the V&A. It is exceptionally beautiful with insane attention to detail. Do yourself a favour! More details coming soon on the blog ??

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I was also very interested as my therapist who I have been going to ever since moving to Cape Town (8 years ago) has moved there too, so knew I would be visiting them frequently. The spa honestly blew me away, I was expecting a beautiful salon/spa type place but this really is the real deal and one that I have already been recommending to countless readers, friends and Airbnb guests.

The decor and facilities in this spa really are world class. The look is very high-end with loads of marble counters, velvet teal sofa’s, incredible lighting effects and beautiful water facilities. One of the things I was most excited about was the floatation pool which is a pool that you use for 30 minutes and this equates to around 4 hours sleep (BLISS) – I want to try do a full review on this soon as I’ve never tried it. Will keep you posted. There is also an indoor rim-flow pool that is beautiful and has loungers where you can rest quietly before or after your treatment.

Another huge perk of the spa is that it is perfect for pre-wedding/hen’s do-type events as they have loads of mani and pedi stations so everyone can get their treatments done at the same time. They also have an eating area where you can pre-order anything off the Tasha’s V&A menu and enjoy after your treatment – I love this idea! Imagine, a massage followed by a Tasha’s Butternut salad. Heaven.

I enjoyed a Back & Neck Massage, a mini facial and a manicure. The rooms are all beautiful with no expenses spared – they also make use of light therapy, so your therapist changes the lighting in the room depending on your energy.

I also have to say that their choice in product lines that they carry is top-notch; think Babor, Elemis, La Prairie, Nimue and Optiphi. You can also buy the products online through their website if you are a customer.

Have a look at their opening packages – there are some great deals and they are running longer that stated on their site, so give them a call! The Life Day Spa is located on the ground floor of the old BMW Pavilion. Best place to park is in the Breakwater parking area. They are next to the colourful steps leading up to Somerset Hospital at the Waterfront. Cube Workspace, WSP and Zenprop are in the same building. Life Day Spa Waterfront: 021 180 4772

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