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If you are anything like me and yet to master the art of curling your hair with the normal ghd styler that we all know and love then you can breathe a big sigh of relief and say a very warm welcome to the ghd Curve range that has recently hit stores.

The Curve range is comprised of 4 different types of curling wands and tongs. I was initially a little confused as to why there was a need for 4 different types and how the hell do you end up deciding which one is best suited to you. However, after going to the launch event I totally love the concept. We don’t all have the same hair and we don’t all want the same curls, this is why ghd encourage customers to have a consultation before purchasing the Curve of their choice – this was getting a clear understanding about which one will work best for their hair length, type and styling needs.

I also then wondered what the answer was if I may want Hollywood curls one day but beach waves the next?! However, this is no problem when it comes to the range as even though each wand/tong is better suited to a certain look, you can most definitely create many different versions with each wand.

I decided to go for the Curve Classic Wave Wand – the reason I went for this is that I don’t like overly structured curls but prefer a natural looking wave and I also find wands way easier to use than tongs. The reason I went for the larger wand of the two was that I have long hair. I also am always sure to use my ghd Curl Hold Spray which I love – it holds the style more and doesn’t leave the hair sticky or crunchy.

So, the four different options are:


ghd Curve Classic Curl Tong (26mm barrel)

The look:

Think consistent, medium sized curls best for shorter hair. This is a tighter curl that can also be brushed out for a softer look

ghd Curve Soft Curl Tong (32mm barrel)

The look:

With the bigger barrel these curls are going to be bigger and more ‘Hollywood-like’. Your perfect shape for longer hair.


ghd Curve Wave Wand (Oval shaped) – the one I have

The look:

Best for less structured, more natural curls. Less round-looking curls but more wavey. Great for longer locks.

ghd Curve Creative Curl Wand (Tapered shape)

The look:

Great for shorter hair and for a more natural beachy wave and bouncy looking hair.

All stylers heat-up to 185 degrees – the ultimate curling temperature without damaging the hair. The Curve range also all have a cool tip which makes it easy to handle your wand or tong without burning your fingers – win!

All of the above are R1899 and available on the above provided links. Trust me; you all need one of these! You can also click on any of the above links to see the videos of each Curve product in action.

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