QMS to the rescue

As I’ve mentioned before, my skin is being slightly adolescent of late. Nothing ridiculous, but for someone who has been pimple free for the last few years (not even hormonal one’s) this comes as quite a shock. I was particularly concerned about my jaw line – it was mostly hormonal but it s quite a desperate feeling when you think you have got rid of one and the next pops up!.

I went to my QMS therapist, Anel, feeling very disillusioned. I has tried everything and was about to depart on my three week holiday. As superficial as it sounds, I didn’t exactly want to have pimply skin at Paris Fashion week. Anel suggested that we do a tailored facial to calm and soothe my skin, and I always know to trust her suggestions. The facial we did had a strong focus on exfoliating and pumping in as many hydrating and soothing products as possible. After the intense exfoliating fluid (we used the one specific to problematic skin), Anel finished off with the plasticising mask which makes you lose your breath for a sec (that’s how cooling it is)! I left with my skin feeling calm and 10X smoother than when I arrived. I had a wedding in four days’ time and my skin didn’t erupt like I expected it to at all! I have since been religious about my daily collagens and my lifesaving 24hour Cream and my skin seems a whole lot happier {holding thumbs about this one}.

Right now, QMS can do nothing wrong in my mind. Consistently amazed by this skin care ranges results! *I have packed my ever-faithful 24hour cream for my holiday. Even though it is far from a travel size I knew my dehydration wouldn’t handle long-haul flights without this star product. For me details see here

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