Schwarzkopf introduces their new Colour Mask

As you know, I don’t usually write about at-home hair colouring as this is something that I have not ever done on my hair – however – this one caught my eye and I was seriously intrigued. This is not any other at-home hair colour, but it is the first ever permanent hair colourant that works like a luxurious hair mask. Win!

Schwarzkopf do definitely have a load of loyal fans when it comes to their haircare as it is, so it wasn’t a huge surprise when something like this came from them. Basically this mask is said to tick all the boxes as you get the treatment side as well as rich, beautiful colour.  

I got a guinea pig to test this out for me and this is what she had to say:

The mask was easy to apply at home, and I felt like I was a lot more comfortable with applying it than I usually am with my DIY colour. The texture was thick so it didn’t feel like it would drip all over the show when I mixed the colour with the mask.

My hair colour is great and my hair is looking super shiny, however, this is what I usually get out of my at-home colour jobs. The difference here was the fact that my hair fgelt pampered and not stressed, it also felt a lot easier to do than my usual dye. I would definitely go for this again as it’s my usual colour with added benefits!

For triple the care Schwarzkopf Color Mask comprises a trio of nourishing goodness. The Colour Cream with strengthening Amino-Active-Protein reinforces the hair fibre; the Developer Cream with Combability-Booster significantly improves comb-ability, resilience and tangible smoothness, and the Hair Mask enriched with a Vitamin-Oil-Complex provides extra care for silky smooth hair.

The product comes in 10 beautiful shades and is in store as we speak for R129.99.

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