Décor Inspiration: Tori Hendrix’s Home

I thought I would share this homes interior as my short course that I start at the end of this month through Get Smarter is about to begin. It’s their 10 week part-time interior décor course which I cant wait to put into action in my home – I am on a redecorating mission – moving away from vintage-girly to more clean-girly. I love organised clutter so will never move away from that but just want it to be a little more modern and a little less vintage.

This is Tori Hendrix’s home (yay for her name) who is an event planner living in San Diego. I love parts of it – some I think are too cluttered but it all works together really well. I don’t like the whole washi tape vibe in the home, but love her use of space and she has some stunning pieces of furniture. See all the images here

What do you think?

A strong focus in my home and my general approach to decorating is to rather spend more on fewer pieces but let them be ones that I will own for years to come. This way I have already started building up a collection of really special, unique pieces that will always be incorporated into my home and will tell a story. There is nothing worse than a home where an interior decorator has been used and everything is brand spanking new with no personality and story about the owners.

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    Unknown says:

    I enjoy your collection of home decor. I think I should consider doing it myself to the new home I bought in Calgary real estate. The home is beautiful but I need to brighten the approach of the interiors a bit to make it seem more alive.


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