Review: Estée Lauder Bronze Goddess Soft Duo Powder

I have always loved a good bronzer, but went off them a bit when I felt MAC’s versions were a little too muddy looking on the skin, so switched to actual blushers – something I still adore using, my favourite being Smashbox, Stila and NARS.

I was looking for a bronzer that I could use over my entire face after applying blusher (this is how they should be used). I wanted something that wasn’t too dramatic, but gave the skin a nice, natural glow (without shimmer): that’s where Estée Lauder Bronze Goddess Soft Duo Powder comes into play.

It’s matte and is made up of a light bronze and a medium bronze; given my skin the perfect balance of colour. First thiongs first, this packaging is just so glam and reminds me of those bronze goddess Estée ads we all know and reminds me of summer holidays so much.

It doesn’t change my skin colour which I really like, but rather warms up my complexion and helps with contouring. I apply it in three motions; through my temples, cheeks and jawline and then down the centre of my face focusing on my nose and top centre of my forehead. 

The actual powder is really soft to the touch, so takes well to the brush. It’s also very buildable, so for those summer months when you want more colour its prefect.

I got mine in Edgars. You can get your online at the Estée Lauder online store (recently launched in SA – I reviewed it here) or in Edgars stores. It costs R525.00.

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