Africology Purifying Cleansing Gel

I was really excited to try this range out as I had heard so many good things. I love the packaging and I think the scents are beautiful, however, I am not so sold on the ‘do they actually do the job’ part.

I have only tried the Purifying Cleansing Gel (so am not speaking about the whole range here by any means) but I was left feeling quite disappointed. 

I have been using the cleanser for a week now (which I feel is ample time for me to get to know a product). The cleanser doesn’t foam up nearly as much as other cleansers do (I get it is au natural, so we’ll excuse that part) but after a double cleanse I still had a tiny bit of make-up left which is a serious pet hate for me, my eye-make up also didn’t budge. Maybe it’s not supposed to be used around the eyes, but I do feel a double cleanse should remove my blush and tinted moisturiser. 

The cleanser smelt beautiful, which made it very pleasant to use but unfortunately didn’t do the job that I feel a cleanser should do. My skin is also usually pimple free but my forehead has had a few blocked pores as well as my nose. Urgh.

I am definitely not writing off this range, as I’m sure there are some good products, but this just wasn’t the one for me. Open to suggestions of something better from them?

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  1. Cecile
    Cecile says:

    I had a very good Korean brand cleanser. I was really upset of not buying a lot (I bought it while we were in China) as mine is all gone. That cleanser was really good, Just one wash and every sign of make up is gone, mascara, eye liner and all. Will wait for more suggestion from you as I am in the market to find a substitute.

  2. Victoria
    Victoria says:

    I have tried some really great cleansers, so will share with you soon Cecile, but I agree with you – that's what a good cleanser should do. Love feeling squeeky clean 🙂

  3. Vassilli Droganis
    Vassilli Droganis says:

    Dear Victoria,

    Thank you for your Africology review and also feedback. Just to help you think out of the box and in a way that is focused on a more holistic frame of mind. When products lather up they contain Sodium Laurel Sulfate. Not so healthy for the skin and the damage in time is real nasty. However for those seeking instant gratification soapy foam feels clean, but with that it also strips the skin from its living energy. Whereas a cleanser that is made with plant soaps like quiella and soap worth, it is gentle on the skin, removes what needs to be removed but always allows the skin to function as our biology knows best. And in time to come, the living matrix of the skin is saved and at 55 and older it is not related to age any longer but to the quality of the skin.
    The value here is also that the plant extracts will gently extract what is blocked in the pores allowing the sebaceous glands to excrete the waste. It is so closely related to the colon, we need to excrete, with waist staying either in the skin or colon, inflammation takes place…. In the skin, rapid aging, and a dry dull looking skin later on in life.
    So after 7 days your skin is responding beautifully to your biology – it is releasing build up, purifying, exactly what a cleanser should do, without drying the skin. Think about this; 28days our skin renews itself aligned with the phases of the moon, divide it by 7 days being our rhythmic flow = 4 weeks to a month…. So your body, if you think of it from a holistic perspective, is responding and with a little more time and space to heal, the results I know will be phenomenal for you.
    PS – The cleansing lotion is good to remove make up such as eyeliners and mascara.

  4. Victoria
    Victoria says:

    Hi Vasilli, Thanks for the info. Maybe it just wasn;t the product for me, or perhaps I should have given it more time to settle with my skin. I understand the part about cleansers lathering, but I guess we all get used to liking this feeling. Probably an association with cleaning properly.

    As I say, not writing your products off, just wasn'y my personal favourite 🙂 x


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