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Morning ladies…

I know I have been somewhat quiet the last day or two, but I can promise you a lot is happening behind the scenes. I have so much I need to share with you and speaking of which, I think it’s time for another Kiss, Blush and Tell giveaway – going to get onto this one 🙂

Love this image from Amber at Thunder in Our Hearts

This evening I am off to Takumi (my favourite sushi spot ever!) with 10 girls. It is called a Sushi Networking Dinner and seems to happen once every three months, although nothing is set in stone. The lovely Marianna organises it and the girls that get invited are from all different industries: from bloggers, food fundi’s and fashionista’s to creatives and those super-interesting-type. I can’t wait to see who is invited to this one, and of course to eat delish sushi while meeting some interesting people 🙂

I also have the Cosmopolitan Lingerie Party that is at the super-fancy Upper East Side Hotel on Thursday night – really looking forward to this! I am bringing along my side-kick (and best plus-one in the entire world) Kelly – cannot wait!

Meet Kelly, she is seriously funny to follow on Twitter (if you not the prude type that is) – find her here

Today I wanted to share something from a lovely friend of mine (who just happens to be part of the family who brought Essie into South Africa – yes, we all love this family!). Romy did this summer french mani last night, you can only imagine her selection of colours (although I think I could maybe just give her a run for her money with my collection). To do this french mani she used Absolutely Shore and Licorice (although I guess you could get creative and use any selection!)

Romy’s Essie summer mani

I love her choice though, and how professional does it look?! Guess this what happens when you grow up around nail polish – love it Rom’s, thanks for sharing 🙂 Lastly – meet Hunter. This is our families new pup. We have only ever had German Shapards – and I doubt this will ever change. he is so gorgeous with the most amazong personality – more will follow, and I may become annoying 🙂

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