Monday’s ramble

Thought I would do a ramble post today because it’s a Monday and I’m not really thinking straight anyway. If you aren’t familiar with a ramble post then I’ll tell you what it is in my eyes – it’s basically a post with very little direction and just speaking off the top of my head, because, as i said, that’s all i am capable of today…

My house-mate and I have been slowly adding bits and bobs to our house making it look homely and girly – just the way we like it. Here are a few of our latest additions that I love 🙂

My new jug that I use as a vase
Our selection of recipe books and other not-so-intellectual reads like Eclipse held up by my gorgeous A – Z book ends – Love these
Our piece of Cath Kidston fabric that we have used as a runner alongside candle jars from Mr Price Home

Lastly (I warned you it was a ramble) here are some other completely unrelated odds and ends that I have bought recently and am really loving…


I went to The Body Shop the other day for old-times-sake. I haven’t been here forever yet i still love their bath and body products – they all smell amazing and are reasonably priced. I got my favourite shower gel in Olive and the Vanilla body spritz, also an old favourite.

As mentioned in the previous post, I am also loving using the QMS range, my skin really is reacting well to it, which is such a nice change – especially at this time of year.

I have changed blusher, from my usual Bobbi Brown bronzer which looks great in summer, not-so-great in winter though. I have started using NARS in baby pink with a slight shimmer in it – looks a lot better on less tanned skin ad gives a healthy glow.

I got my first Country Road pj’s – I have been recommended these by a few friends as i love pretty pj’s that are obviously comfy, and these are both. And randomly been collecting little jewels all over the show that i want to get made into necklaces – but procrastination seems to be getting the better of this idea…

And finally my India cookbook that came in this really nifty little bag. I love my cooking but not too comfortable on the curry side of things, and wanted to improve, so getting this as a present from my boyfriend was a real treat. I have also started planning a India-themed dinner party at my house, so best i get cooking!

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