Kel’s Nautical Birthday Dinner

It was Kel’s birthday dinner on Saturday night, with a nautical theme – and as always, she went all out!!

Birthday gal

Amazing food, company and vibe. Her very talented brother, who is going to Silwood next year was our own private head chef 🙂 and his friend had caught a massive tuna that day in the hout bay fishing competetion! The menu was as follows


tuna sashimi with the most incredible wasabi mayo on the side

perfectly braaied bits of wors

bruschetta with cherry tomatoes, basil pesto and red onion (my best!!!)


Seared tuna on the braai with cabbage and noodle salad, a fresh green salad and potatoes


Delicious cupcakes

Bet you wish you were there, thanks Kel, Olly and Lof!

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