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Baboris one of those ranges I heard about many-moons ago. It was the one that my rich aunt used to swear by and one that I always dreamt of using. The German skincare company has been around for ages and prides itself on innovation and the most natural, active and advanced ingredients.

As you probably saw on my Instagram, I was very kindly gifted the Babor Christmas Advent Calendar, only to be broken into and cleaned out – yes, they even stole my &*%$ing advent calendar.  Every door had an active skin ampoule behind it, all done in a specific order to result in glowing, radiant skin for the festive season. Just love the concept. Anyway, I sadly never got to even try these ampoules out – some burglar must have been very confused when they found no chocolates behind the little doors!

On a happier note, let’s discuss the newly launched BABOR ReVersive range which is all built on the RE-YOUTH COMPLEX ingredient. It contains four high-performance active ingredients that work together in perfect synergy. In order to create the ReVersive range, BABOR relied on award-winning medical research, the protective effect of plant-based stem cells and the power of active marine ingredients – with one common goal in mind: to reactivate and maintain the beauty of each individual woman.

The range is comprised of 4 products; a serum, anti-aging cream, anti-aging cream rich and an eye cream. I tried the eye-cream out and this is what I thought.

One request I often get is “I need an eye-cream, which one actually works?!” Let’s get into it. Below are the active ingredients with a snapshot of what they do:

Telovitin: keeps cells younger for longer

Agicyl: activates defenses against skin aging

Lumicol: creates luminosity and radiance

Epocyl: for an instantly visible smoothing effect

My thoughts:

First things first, I am pretty slack when it comes to eye cream. That’s probably because I actually have never found one that particularly blows me away. It’s a bit of a problem though as my eye area is one of my areas of concern (after my forehead). Dark circles being my main issue but fine lines becoming increasingly bad – god, this sounds depressing even typing this.

Anyway, this product really appealed to me as it can be applied as little as twice a week – win for someone like me!!! The second part I loved, which is an issue I’ve had with other eye creams, is that it absorbs quickly into the skin so applying make-up directly afterwards is no issue. It won’t result in rolling product (is that even a term?!) or creasing concealer. But, most importantly, I truly have seen results – do you even know how happy this makes me!?

The cream is obviously formulated to work its magic on the super sensitive, fine areas around our eyes. In addition, extracts of rhodiola rosea, sugar beet and yeast stimulate lymph flow, and thus reduce dark rings under the eyes as they help with the general circulation in the area.

The cream comes in a luxurious looking pump bottle which I love for hygiene reasons, plus a little goes a long way. It does cost a fair amount – R1319 (15ml) – but I really can recommend it.

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