Product rave: Dermalogica tinted moisturizer

I had this product once upon a time in school days and loved it. I was introduced to it by a lovely friend of mine, and we always used to borrow hers, until I got my own.

It’s expensive, so I didn’t buy it again as I couldn’t justify spending R580 on a tinted moisturizer I wear when exercising etc. But Isocan justify it now. Just you wait until you use it.

So… I am back on the tinted moisturizer band-wagon and enjoying glowing skin again 🙂

Dermalogica’s tinted moisturizer is gorgeous and makes your skin look amazing. I love the smell of it – think beach, fresh, summery smell (like most Dermalogicaproducts). I use tinted moisturizer from MACon a daily basis but this is the product I use after exercising, when exercising or when nipping out for to the shops or for breakfast and I don’t feel like doing a full face of makeup.

I use the medium shade, and it really is a perfect match. A bonus, and the reason why i exercise with it, is that it has a SPF of 15 – perfect for the beach or the outdoors. I am possibly going to start doing make-up/skincare tutorial video’s and when these start I will do a“beach make-up”video using this product.

Watch this space.

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  1. Victoria
    Victoria says:

    In reply to Meg:
    It is a lot easier to apply than MAC one, with better 'slide' but not as high coverage. MAC is way better for a more formal look, Dermalogica is great for daytime and good skin ie. won't hide blemishes too well x


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