The first signs of ageing have arrived

It’s kind of happened overnight, but all of a sudden I am seeing the first signs of ageing on my skin and it may just be the most depressing/scary thing ever. I am sounding dramatic as it’s only something I would notice (at this stage) but being 26 years old it’s not going to be getting any easier on my skin from now on…

I spend a lot of money and time on my skin, I always have and enjoy doing so but there are the usual elements that effect ageing and are out of my control (sadly), such as alcohol and the sun. Generally speaking my skin is good but my forehead is the area that I am most concerned about – those frown lines are the killer!

The scariest part for me is that I have been fortunate enough (through KBT, studying beauty and just my general interest in skincare from a young age) to have had access to some of THE best skincare products on the market – I can’t say I’ve tried them all, but hell I can definitely say I’ve tried a huge majority of them and am STILL seeing signs of ageing. There are no miracle creams out there – fact.

Having said that, I started using QMS’s Pearl Touch cream a month ago which has really helped my skin come a long way. I’m not saying my fine lines and frown lines have miraculously vanished, but there certainly has been a huge improvement – thank goodness! I have been dying to get my hands on this product as this brand is one that I have huge faith in, and this product is, in my eyes, the crème-de-la-crème of their range. They have some others like the Cellular Marine but I have not tried those yet.

So what is Pearl Touch?

It’s a moisturiser that they call ‘skin identical’ {SILS (Skin Identical Lipid Structure)} in that it mirrors the skins make-up which means that the super-active ingredients penetrate way deeper that other lotions and potions.

It aims to target firming and moisture. The exclusive concept of active ingredients is based on natural substances from pure Silk Protein and precious Pearl extracts from Japan. These ingredients smooth and firm up the skin and regularly replenish moisture deposits.

Pro’s & Con’s

The pro’s seriously out-weigh the con’s here, but I know a lot of my readers would not be able to afford such a pricey moisturiser so that would be my only con. However, if you can afford this it is well worth the investment for your skin.

You don’t need a lot of the product and I can only really compare it to melting butter on your skin, it absorbs beautifully and leaves your skin glowing immediately thanks to the Pearl. This product really  gets to work instantly by nourishing the skin – it leaves a very light sheen that immediately picks your skin up – perfect for a pre-party radiant glow.

RRP – R3310 – see stockists here or details here

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  1. Chereen
    Chereen says:

    I absolutely adore QMS products, so MUST get my hands on Pearl Touch – it sounds lovely (and perfect for a not-so new mom who hasn't slept a full night in over a year! Haha) As for fine lines and wrinkles on your forehead – do as I do and cut a fringe! Teehee. Great review, Tori! x

  2. Victoria
    Victoria says:

    Sorry for the late reply Chereen 🙂 Haha think I need a fringe pronto then! The product is beautiful, give it a try, esp as you are a QMS fan 🙂


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