Revlon’s ColourBurst Lip Butters

I work in PR myself, so feel I have a pretty good idea of PR’s getting things right or wrong and, as we all know, it really can go very wrong at times. Revlon, however, got it spot on!

The ladies at Revlon initially made contact with me with such a lovely personal e-mail commending me on my blog as well as sending their love about my poor little dog that got put down yesterday. Already a good start as far as I’m concerned.

The media pack they proceeded to drop off is to celebrate the launch of their brand new ColourBurst Lip Butters. I actually bought myself one at Clicks a few weeks back and love it, so what a treat receiving a few more of them.  The lipbutters come in flavours such as ‘Cupcake’, ‘Lollipop’, ‘Gum Drop’ and, and, and, so the press pack looked like this:

That’s the dessert menu (flavours of the Lip Butters) on the bottom right 🙂

For me and my sweet tooth this was heaven on earth!

The actual lipbutters are a real treat too and come in an array of beautiful pastels and pinks. The colour is very subtle and they hydrate beautifully. I’ve also found that they last well and taste like caramel treat!

Thank you ladies, so appreciate it! Revlon have recently joined Twitter, follow them here.

Image source my own andhere

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  1. Chantal Olivier
    Chantal Olivier says:

    My best home-made natural beauty tip: –

    Crack one egg and separate the yolk from the white. Some prefer to whip the egg white to a light foam, but this is not necessary.

    Using your fingers or a makeup brush, gently rub the egg white over your face and let it dry for about 15 minutes. It will start feel very tight as it dries.

    An egg white mask cannot be peeled off so you must rinse the face mask off with warm water. You may want to wash your face and/or moisturize with a lotion that contains sunscreen after you remove the mask.


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