Prevage Day & Night cream

I actually first started using these products when I got them in my rubybox. I always like packing my little samples for a holiday/weekend away – this way I can get a real feel for what it is like. Prevage is one of Elizabeth Arden’s babies – a super high-tech, results driven one, that is!

Both Prevage’s day and night cream have been amazing on my skin so far and definitely are targeted at drier skins (perfect for mine). The main ingredient in these creams is Idebenone Esters which means that their super active ingredients are basically packaged to be gentler on the skin, release slower and penetrate deeply. This is a re-launch and improvement on the product that used to contain a version of this ingredient that didn’t work too well on super sensitive skins – so now everyone can use it and get the same results as before!

I have spoken to a few people who felt tingling and some sensitivity when using this product but I have felt nothing – should I be worried? I love the feeling of products that are working on my skin, so I am all for the active ingredients. At the end of the day, this is the only way that we are going to see any change on our skins ladies!

What I really liked was how little night cream I needed in order for my skin to really feel drenched in moisture. The packaging is also a treat – really innovative, allows for no product to be wasted and no nasty germs to creep inside either!

The creams are very pricey, but a worthwhile investment if you are after that change in your skin, this is a very results driven product.

Prevage Day Intensive Anti Aging Moisture Cream spf 30 – R985

Prevage Anti Ageing Restorative Night Cream (R1085)

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