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I have a lovely friend, Janet, who is always the first to send me great links, whether it be for an awesome website, online shop or magazine info. She is a loyal Kiss, Blush and Tell reader and when I receive a link from her, I know it’s going to be a good one!

This weekend she sent me the link to 91 magazine, and my-o-my am I addicted – what a cool concept – only problem is I really want a job there now – live in London and do that kind of work – bliss! Plus you get the benefit of being able to go to all their recommended markets and stores. 

Either way, their DIY tip for this month was home-made lights – the perfect idea for Christmas lights (see how to here and here)- pity I am going to be a nomad, else my home would be festive chaos! This is the result:


Later on this week I have also come across (very radomly) some more DIY lighting tips – aren’t they cute!

5 – think this is a great gift idea too!
6 – you could use the Consol bottles with a hole!
7 – one of my favourite tips – I am still on the search for my globe, please give me a shout if you know where to find one!
8 – simple and so effective

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