Antler crazy

Sorry, I will stop bombarding you all with home decor bits and bobs, but you can imagine my excitement. If youa re reading this and feel so inclined, please vote for me for the SA blog awards, you can click on the logo on my blog. Its super easy and means the world to me.

I have been on the look-out for antlers (I know that sounds bazaar) but I think they can really make a room, and bring in the perfect touch of rustic. What are your feeling about them? Guess you would either love them or hate them…

Any clue where I can find these in Cape Town?


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  1. wild olive
    wild olive says:

    have you tried some safari farms? bufflesfontein(i hope i spelled it correctly) had some in their receiving office displayed…
    nice photos….

  2. Tanya Slye
    Tanya Slye says:

    Vote has been sent 🙂
    As for the antlers- I'd suggest getting them made maybe? Then you can specify size, color etc
    Hope you well!!

    Tanya xxx

  3. Victoria
    Victoria says:

    Those are some good tips – thank you. and thank you tanya for the vote – so appreciate it. Hope you well too xxx

  4. JoJo
    JoJo says:

    i bought some antlers a year back on the way to Hartebeespoort in Gauteng (sorry, i know this doesnt help at all!)
    i found the bare antlers a bit offensive in my lounge so i spray painted them white and they really look quite nice!

    good luck! hope you find some soon!


  5. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    There is an amazing prop shop that makes these very cool antler pieces from scratch (hey do them on and off the skull). They are situated in Muizenberg and are called SORBEIT. they have such a cool warehouse with all kinds of amazing stuff. Its well worth visit! 🙂


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