Gray Walls and floors

I know this seems such a small thing, but it has actually been on my mind for a while now: the debate as to what colour to paint my walls in my place. 

At the moment the walls are all crisp white, which I do love, but think I can create some warmth by doing a feature wall of some sort. The thought of painting the wooden floors white has also been going through my mind, but I am being a bit of a chicken about this – quite daunting really. Especially when I know I will be the one sanding them down if I don’t like it (and painting them for that matter)!

Either way, I have come across a few gray walls of late, and every time I seem to really like it. I think it works well with bursts of colour as well as with a collage of frames. 

Thoughts? O, and also help me on this floor thing – wise or not-so-much?


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  1. Bianca
    Bianca says:

    I definitely vote for colour wherever you can put it – even gray. My house in Woodstock was all white and it really feels quite boring after awhile – not to mention it doesn't look so crisp after a few months. I used to handy andy those walls all the time for fingerprints!

    And regarding painted floors – we painted a wood floor in our Woodstock home white and painted the concrete in our new place a pale gray. While it looks too fabulous for words when you first do it, it doesn't last forever unless you get it done professionally. However in saying that it really didn't bother me after awhile that there are a few chips and scratches as they were hardly noticeable in the grand scheme of things. But for the perfectionist it can be devastating when someone pulls up a chair and the paint comes off!

    If the floor is in good shape I'd say consider getting some beautiful large area rugs in white/cream instead. I found in our old house everything was just TOO white as we had whitewashed laminate floors everywhere else. A darker floor can really balance a place out 🙂 Mr Price is doing some surprisingly cheap area rugs in decent colours.

  2. Victoria
    Victoria says:

    Wow – thanks for advice ladies. @Bianca – please let us see a pic of your new walls @Bianca (a Tailored life) – you are the best! Ya I think you have convinced me with floors. Think ill stick to natural wood and get some vintage rugs or find nice ones at Mr P 🙂

  3. Jacci
    Jacci says:

    unless the wooden floors are in terrible condition, i wouldn't paint them. grey walls don't really sound nice…but in reality they are lovely and are the perfect backdrop for interesting artworks.

  4. Kim @ In a State of Luxe
    Kim @ In a State of Luxe says:

    Tori, I'm such a white floor fan, but I agree with Bianca – they do chip and they're a bitch to do if you're doing them yourself. If you do decide to do them then you must make sure that you use either boat paint or road paint. In terms of the grey walls, I've always used a colour called Papyrus (but it is slightly greige and I think that the beige tones are started to look dated). Check it out though as it's so easy to live with. Another one to try if you are going for a single grey wall and you want a bold effect is Seal. I always get confused as to which paint company they're from but the paint store will know immediately. Debbie Blakemore has just discovered a new, lighter grey color which she painted the whole cottage in Joburg. It's gorgeous and would be a great option if you are doing all walls…will Tweet you the colour when I've chatted to her…Good luck and pick my brain anytime..

  5. Victoria
    Victoria says:

    Thnaks for advice Jacci 🙂 I agree, dont sound amazing but look great. @Kim – you are a lifesaver – trust me I will be picking your brain, if you dont mind. All so exciting but I really am clueless as to how to go about things! I would love the name of Deb's paint if you can get it from her. So yay or nay with floors – are they hard to keep clean? And how long would one need to prepare them and do it?


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