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For those of you who read Kiss, Blush and Tell regularly you will know that I have a love for gorgeous glass pieces in my home. Nothing goes down better than a gorgeous glass jar. They are so versatile, and one of those things you really can’t have too many of!

I use mine for all sorts of things: from my sweet jars as little birthday gifts at my dinner, to muesli holders, vases for flowers, lipstick holders and food presentation – the list is endless.

Seen as it is International Glass Week this week, I want to give my readers a chance to win a voucher with Consol glass worth R500 – the perfect chance to grow your collection of endless add-ons for your home!

As a glass lover (I cannot stand plastic – it looks cheap and just doesn’t have that classy feeling – sorry plastic) there are a few points that motivate my choice in always choosing glass, however the main one’s are its versatility, the fact that it is recyclable and that things just taste better in glass (a person who serves me water in a plastic cup will be my worst enemy, in fact this can also be added to my Pet Peeves post below)

To stand a chance in winning a R500 voucher (can be spent in JHB or Cape Town) please leave a comment below with your reason as to why you love glass goodies and how you use them in your home. Be sure to ‘Like” the Kiss, Blush and Tell Facebook page, and by tweeting this competition or posting it on your Facebook wall, you will gain an extra entry :)Just tell me about it below!

Love this idea for keeping kids entertained at a wedding

The winner will be announced on Friday 30th. I will be sharing a delish Watermelon Mojito recipe later this week, than looks amazing in glass jars and is perfect for Summer.

 See the Consol site here, Facebook here and Twitter here.

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  1. Jacci
    Jacci says:

    i love glass, as it has weight, you can sterilise it, and it doesn't become sticky with age or absorb weird smells like plastic does.

    i always give homemade baked gifts to friends in glass jars,i use them for picnic food, i make salad dressings in them, and they're great for making big summer cocktails for hot days!

  2. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    I love glass…….. a Glass of wine! Red or White I am not fussy :)…… A glass of Bubbly … again not fussy ……….. In my flat the GLASS IS ALWAYS AT LEAST HALF FULL … and NEVA half empty …. I only drink BEER out of glass… be it a bottle or Glass.. pickled onions ! IN GLASS…… My trek to pick cherries .. and soak the in BRANDY … AGAIN GLASS JAR… ! I even keep my NUTS / BOLTS IN GLASS…. so here is a TOAST to GLASS! Adam Collingwood

  3. Lizanne
    Lizanne says:

    1love glass because its healthier and much prettier than plastic. it feels good to hold! I'm busy working on my collection, but was thinking of using Consol jars as drinking glasses, for a touch of country. I love giving homemade hot chocolate mix and spices away in glass jars. Everything looks and tastes better in glass!

  4. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    I love glass because you can recycle it! I use pretty bottles on my desk to arrange flowers in.
    I always wash and recycle pretty glass containers! Love Sandra Wiese XOXOXO

  5. Fightycat
    Fightycat says:

    The reassuring weight of glass reminds me of all its goodness: its purity, sustainability, quality and its cool, tranquil feeling of timelessness.

    For me, the sentiment of glass is best paired with flowers and candles as these bring a feeling of calm and peace to the home which, when matched with glass, combine to produce a sophisticated effortlessness. Can't go wrong with glass!

  6. Candice
    Candice says:

    Oh no! Just saw my previous comment didn't appear! Glass is simply beautiful – it adds class and elegance to any occasion – whether it's a beautiful vase of flowers, or an classic wine glass. For Christmas this year I'm going to give friends Consol glass jars filled with Christmas spiced star biscuits – Jars of Stars!


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