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Today I feel like sharing something completely different with you. I thought of sharing something cheery and happy (being Monday et al) but you know how it does, does that really make your day any better?! Thought not.

So I thought I’d rather be that old bag that shares my pet peeves with you, the things I seriously cannot deal with, and that are some-what accentuated on a Monday.

  • Sniffing/persistent coughing and snorting
  • Bone idle people
  • Un-kept feet
  • Bubble gum chewers
  • Thin, long hair (thin hair should be short)
  • People reading over my shoulder
  • Bad table manners
  • Slow walkers

Please share yours with me – I find this stuff funny…

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  1. Lize The Unicorn
    Lize The Unicorn says:

    Slow walkers. GAAAAAAAAAAAAH!

    People reading over my shoulders.

    People saying "really?" Eg. Me: My dog just died. Idiotic person: Really? Me: No, dimwit. I just say this stuff to get attention.

    Bad grammar/spelling.

    When I stand back at a door to let someone through [usually because they got there first, or they are older than I am] and then THEY stand back and tell ME to go through. Like, WHY?!?! I mean, imagine if I, in turn, ALSO do this! Are we going to stand here all day, because I was polite and they were retarded?!

    Ah, that felt good =)

  2. Kathryn (Becoming you)
    Kathryn (Becoming you) says:

    slow drivers in the FAST lane – pull over!!!

    lack of attention to personal space – a BIG problem in queues at government departments…

    loud music in beautiful public spaces – you're out in nature to enjoy the sounds of nature too… and generally your taste in music is not mine

    oh i could go on but i won't bore you with more of my pet peeves 😉

  3. Lesley-Ann
    Lesley-Ann says:

    People that open and eat food items in the supermarkets without paying for them first.

    Unpainted toenails. Or toenails in general.

    People with bad manners and 'crude' people.

    I love this post, a definite winning post for a Monday morning.. think I may do one of my own! Will post the link here when I do.

  4. Jacci
    Jacci says:

    i'm with you on all of yours, as well as…

    – drivers who don't indicate.

    – people who have really loud conversations on their phone in public.

    – people who read magazines in coffee shops attached to book shops and part of their meal in the magazine.

    -automated answer systems that never seem to give you the option to speak to a real human person.

  5. Lesley-Ann
    Lesley-Ann says:

    I mentioned you in my blog and herewith my Pet Peeve post. Definitely Monday-appropriate and a weekly rant may be just what we all need 🙂

  6. suganon
    suganon says:

    Yoh this has made my Monday so much better! Throwing in a rant to cheer me up Further

    Dry cracked feet (makes me want to physical hurt the owner)
    Constant Clearing of the throat
    When restaurants use comic sans on their menus
    People talking during movies
    Vulgarity on twitter and Facebook (get some class please)
    Attention seeking Facebook updates (so-and-so needs a hug *sob* 🙁 AAARRRRGGGHHHH GET A LIFE)

    Yoh that felt good, thanks tor

  7. Victoria
    Victoria says:

    Hahahahaha SOOO agree with cracked feet and Facebook updates and @Jacci – people who have really loud phone convo's) So glad to see so many intolerant ladies haha 🙂 definitely doing this every Monday – I already have some more to add to my list (this could get bad)

  8. bianca
    bianca says:

    – people who drive fast cars but insist on driving 40km/h

    – non punctual people

    – people who can't get your and you're correct – ARG!

    – blackberry users bbming all the time

    – bad spelling

    – people who hang around at your house forever and don't catch the hint that it's time to go home

    – chipped nail varnish

    wowee that feels good!

  9. Victoria
    Victoria says:

    OMG Bianca you have reminded me of one of my biggest peeves – that BBM one. People who send an xxx then x and then smiley faces when you have had enough of speaking to them. Some people are just plain annoying on BBM!

  10. Unknown
    Unknown says:

    people who bang their doors closed.. everyday.
    bad spelling errors
    crackberry users who try to convince everyone else to become one
    people who can not park a hatchback ( seriously?)
    pensioners with bad eyesight, are hard of hearing and have driving licences

  11. Victoria
    Victoria says:

    I'm glad someone else said it – pensioners full stop. They should only be allowed out the house out of rush hour times. I am so intolerant!

  12. Ally
    Ally says:

    People who update their BBM status all the time, when someone pings me on a Blackberry, people who don't understand a four way stop, bad feet creep me out as well.

  13. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Small handbags
    Poeple who dress in uniform colour
    Kitten heels
    People who pick at their face/noses
    When people help themselves without asking
    Pensioners 100%
    Loud children
    When I dont feel like talking and a rash won't stop telling me their lame stary I'm really not interested in
    Car guards
    That my best friend lives in cape town 🙁
    Jax S xxx


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