An eye delight from Ponds

Today I thought I would share one of my favourite products with you, and one that I have been using for nearly three months now – with a notable change!

Pretty roses, just because…

The Ponds Dual Eye Cream/gel is literally your two in one – perfect for tired, itchy morning eyes that need a light/gel-like wake up, and also perfect for those exhausted, sick-of-air-con, post-long-Monday eyes that crave a glass full of hydration from a thicker, dewy cream.

This description above is the only way I can describe how my eyes have felt, and what this product has done for them! It’s perfect for a weekend away, and holidays abroad where you are not too sure what weather to expect – from a beach retreat where a eye gel would be best to a skiing trip where dehydration, weather-beaten skin would only want a nourishing cream.

A definite one to bag for every occasion!

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