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This is a little series I’m going to be doing on what I use at home. I have (very badly) photographed my top selection of products from home, but you get the picture. Feel free to comment below with your choices and tips that you swear by at home.

The series will range from my best fragrances and skin care to self tans and hair care. These are products I reach for without thinking twice, and one’s that I would re-purchase in a heart-beat because they work and feel like a treat to use. Two things that I look for when buying.

Today’s post is about my fragrances

I do wish I was more of a fragrance kind of gal, but quite frankly I sometimes forget to spritz myself – hence my emergency bottle in my handbag. I hate nothing more than a fragrance I can smell on myself the whole day, they say this is one way to know the fragrance does not suit you at all, and I am not a fan of drenching myself in perfume either. I like to keep it subtle 🙂

Below are some of my perfumes that I wear daily and some just on a night out. (excuse the quality)…


From Left: Tom Ford Black Orchid Voille de Fleur, Tom Ford Black Orchid original, Kenneth Cole New York, Carlolina Herrera CH, Le Labo perfume in Patchoulli and Tom Ford White Patchoulli

As you can see, I am a huge Tom Ford fan. My best has to be the Tom Ford Black Orchid original. It’s one of those scents that either suits you or doesn’t and is still very unique. Definitely more of an evening scent.

I then have my body spritz perfumes that I use post-shower/bath or just on a chilled day. Essential in making me feel pampered 🙂


From left: Marc Jacobs spritz perfume, Diptique Tam Deo, Bosy Shop Vanilla body mist

Both the Marc Jacobs and the Vanilla Body mist are light fragrances and make for a great day scent. The Tam Deo (the fragrance Louis Vuitton supposedly wears) is a lot stronger so just needs one or two spritz’s. This is the same brand that makes the incredible Diptyque candles that i swear by! All amazing scents and last forever 🙂

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  1. Janine / Being Brazen
    Janine / Being Brazen says:

    I am a big "fancy" perfume junkie (i have maybe 8 bottles currently) – but, believe it or not, I have not smelt a Tom Ford perfume. I need to go do that asap!


  2. Victoria
    Victoria says:

    Please do – seriously amazing. I know my collection is embarrassingly large. These were my faves! Shocking for a person who is so slack in wearing it!


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