Sweet tooth

On my next trip to London i will visit these shops. A traditional, old fashioned candy store – I would be in my element! When people say they crave chocolate, I am that girl craving jelly sweet, I literally am obsessed! It seems these shops are popping up all over London and are all the craze. To my London readers, please go visit one of these and let us know what they all about!

The three shops I have my eye on are the Hope and Greenwood shops where the co-founder Kitty Hope and her team whip up traditional liquorice and boiled sweets along with new-old concoctions like Fizz! Bang! Wallops! or Rhubarb and Custard – how amazing. Suck and Chew is in the East End (my fave area and probably the one I most want to visit) and sells chocolates emblazoned with the Union Jack, chocolate playing cards and traditional English toffees. And at Mrs Kibble’s Old Sweet Shoppe in Soho, they opt for old-timey bonbons in jars.All beautifully packaged!

Heaven on earth and way too pretty to eat!

Above: Suck and Chew

Above: Hope and Greenwood

Above: Mrs Kibble’s Old Sweet ShoppeFor now, us South African’s will have to settle for Sweet from Heaven… Bleh 🙁

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