Wedding Bell’s

In February I am a bridesmaid for one of my bestest friends weddings, and I could not be more excited. The wedding is in Stellenbosch and by the sounds of things could just be the wedding of the year 🙂 Today was spent trying on all sorts of bridesmaid dresses and BBMING the pics all the way to the UK, where the bride lives!

So, to cut a long story short, I have wedding fever. Well a little confession – I have had it for a while. The thought of planning a wedding is so exciting. Here a few ideas of what I want one day on my special day as well as invitations I love.

(I know I sound desperate so don’t judge…)

Love this ‘tying the knot guide’ as an invite, so cute

This venue is so busy and vibey and doesn’t have a cold feeling at all, simple and beautiful.

Gorgeous ‘save the date’…

Love all the black at this wedding, and the display of photos. Cutest bridesmaid dresses here…

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