Lash Extensions 101

Kaylz, otherwise known as Canada, decided to treat herself to a set of fake lashes (the permanent kind) at Mooi beauty salon. A full set which will set you back R690, is a synthetic lash being put on each end of your natural lash. You have the choice of mink or acrylic, with Kayley opting for acrylic.

I did a course on lash extensions in London and have had my fair share of sets. I recommended acrylic for her as I felt with mink the hair was softer and tended to bend more – I’m sure you’ve seen those women with lashes going in every direction – looks awful! The negative about the acrylic however, is that they are harder (can’t think of a word here), thus can be a bit scratchy.

They last up to 6 weeks, where you can get a top-up after that. They grow out with your natural lash cycle – and it helps if you steer clear of thick eye make-up and product on the eye area for obvious reasons.

Another tip that I gave Kayley, as it was a mistake I made over and over agin; was to go for a natural length, nothing too dramatic. It’s so tempting when you paying that amount to want the extreme effect but they last half the time and look very unnatural. The shorter one’s give you a fuller look and look gorgeous both day and night.

These lashes are definitely one way to make you feel uber glamourous and look great on the beach with that au-natural-no-make-up-face.

Kaylz Before:

Kaylz looking beautiful after:

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