Win a luxury leather handbag

*due to company regulations I have changed the wording in this post to elimiate brand names being used, however, the prize still remains exactly the same – yay 🙂 * 

This is one of those moments where I wish I could jump out of my ‘blogger’ role and be a reader for a sec, just so I could stand a chance of winning this prize.Have you ever?!

This is one of those real classics – one that is a chic everyday essential to add to any outfit. This competition officially closes on 11 May, so go wild and get your entries in – this one is all about sharing, sharing and more sharing!

All you have to do is:

1) Fill in a quick and seriously simple multiple-choice questionnaire all about fashion (it took me 2 minutes, please be sure to be honest in your answers). See the link to this questionnaire here. (this will be your first entry in)

2) To duplicate or even triple your chances of winning ‘like’ the Kiss, Blush and Tell Facebook page and share this competition with all of your friends as many times as you want (each time you share I will be adding your name to a list of extra entries, so go wild). This can be done on Twitter (mention @toritatham so I know) or Facebook (mention Kiss, Blush and Tell or leave comment letting me know). 

Whoever wins this one, I will be so incredibly envious, good luck!

T’s and C’s are on the website, be sure to read and accept them

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  1. Ruweida
    Ruweida says:

    I love your blog ♥ This bag is so stunning! I shared on facebook & tweeted about the competition. Keeping my fingers crossed 🙂

  2. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Love it!!! Entered, Shared on FB, Shared on twitter, and entered questionnaire 🙂 Fingers crossed 🙂

    Tasha van Jaarsveld

  3. One Stiletto At A Time
    One Stiletto At A Time says:

    So amazing!!! My birthday is the 13th May so this would be an awesome bday gift!!!!
    1) Have answered the questionnaire
    2) Liked Kiss Blush Tell on FB under One Stiletto At A Time
    3) Shared on FB

  4. Samcat
    Samcat says:

    Entered, liked, loved, shared, crossed fingers, hoped, dreamed and fantasized about.
    I'm off to use my vocal chords and keep dreaming.
    Thank you for the best competition I have seen all year – probably ever on a blog. Even if you don't make my dreams come true with this, you're going to make someone's – and its a pretty big and pretty awesome dream to help someone out with 🙂 Go Victoria!

  5. samantha pillay
    samantha pillay says:

    Wow this is the most amazing competition ever!!!!

    Have answered the questionnaire, already like the facebook page, have shared and tweeted as @samiola_88

    Too much awesomeness!

  6. Tanya Slye
    Tanya Slye says:

    The questionnaire is filled out, your page is liked and the link is most definitely shared and will be a few times!! Shocked and extremely excited with this prize 🙂
    Victoria thank you!! Always entertained!! xxx

    Tanya Slye
    * tanyaslyect[at]*

  7. suganon
    suganon says:

    wow tori this has to be one of your bests! never cease to amaze with your comps! will be sharing on a daily basis!

  8. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    What a fab prize, I have never owned anything by a designer label!! What a treat this would be. I have completed the questionnaire, liked and shared on FB!

  9. Jess Clarke
    Jess Clarke says:

    OK! i need this in my life 🙂 i have gone large, have shared your page to my 915 friends on FB and have tweeted and will continue tweeting to my 250 followers! Getting there slowly. But always knew the first prize i would win would be one that was worth the wait 🙂
    If i dont win this i will still share your blog, you are doing such an amazing job at keeping us all entertained.

  10. Nicole
    Nicole says:

    This is such an incredible giveaway! WOW!
    I have done the questionnaire, tweeted to you [@NicoleWarr] and I've shared the competition on Facebook!

  11. Megan
    Megan says:

    Incredible giveaway! I have done the questionnaire, about to start sharing – I already like your fbk page – and tweeting! (@MegsKenney)

  12. Rochelle Rae
    Rochelle Rae says:

    I had a Louis bag – paid R1800(saved up for ages)and it broke. My sister decided to over stuff it on one of her drunken nights. This would make me happy. Answered the questionnaire. tweeting you now. <3 Already liked the FB page.

  13. Megs H
    Megs H says:

    Incredible giveaway and prize!!!! My birthday is in May so this would be the BESTEST Birthday gift ever:)
    1) Have answered the questionnaire
    2) Liked Kiss Blush Tell on FaceBook under Megan Hartwig
    3) Shared on FaceBook
    Keeping my fingers and toes crossed 🙂

  14. Eleni Fourie
    Eleni Fourie says:

    1) Have answered the questionnaire
    2) Liked Kiss Blush Tell on FaceBook under Eleni Fourie
    3) Shared on FaceBook
    4) Tweeted from @MaskscaraSA

    Holding Thumbs!!!!!

  15. anchentmplhff
    anchentmplhff says:

    Questionnaire – check!
    Facebook page liked and commented on post – check!
    Following on Twitter and tweeted – check!
    Yay, so excited!!!!!!!!

  16. Amy W
    Amy W says:

    This is by far the coolest competition ever!

    Have done the questionnaire, have shared on Facebook & liked the page (my account is Amy Williams) and have tweeted about the competition and followed you (@missamysw) yay!

  17. Kathryn (Becoming you)
    Kathryn (Becoming you) says:

    Oh my heavens what an amazing prize – sorry you can't enter yourself Tori ;( I have liked your page for an entry and will be back to enter again 😉

  18. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Dear Tori and handbag gods,

    I offer thanks and do a smoke dance in your honour! Hookah-chakah! *Wiggle bum *Wiggle bum This bag has been sent to save us from winter drearyness and to make us believe that even ordinary Sea Point princesses can have a Louis Bag! I have done your bidding and will now burn Barbie Doll hair and say "Louis Vuitton" and other bizarre French phrases in a whisper over the flame while holding thumbs, fingers and toes and vow to drink my tea upside down until the winner is announced. Aaaaaaamehn Kiss kiss xoxo

  19. Kathryn (Becoming you)
    Kathryn (Becoming you) says:

    Have tweeted 3 times but didn't always spell your handle right (the t's and h's had me confused!)… sorry the last one was correct!

  20. Loren ♥ Minkys Blog
    Loren ♥ Minkys Blog says:

    I have entered, liked your facebook page and tweeted!
    What an amazing competition! And I love your blog 🙂 X

  21. Skinny Bitches - In The Making
    Skinny Bitches - In The Making says:

    Eeek! such a fab competition.
    have done the questionnaire and liked KBT on FB. Now will get onto sharing it!

  22. Anna Hartwig
    Anna Hartwig says:

    Answered a Questionnaire – check! Facebook page liked and commented on post – check! So excited!!!!!! Holding thumbs!!!!

  23. Lee Friedland
    Lee Friedland says:

    Answered, Liked and Shared.
    O, if ever there was a competition to win!
    i hope the handbag gods pick me.

  24. Renée
    Renée says:

    I had to look twice to make sure that this was real. Incredible prize! A girl can only dream.

    My competition-winning-luck is against me, it never happens… but why not try! Answered the questionnaire, liked on FB and shared on Twitter.

  25. Debbie
    Debbie says:


    Have: Liked on Face Book, Shared on Face Book, Mentioned and shared on Twitter, Filled out questionnaire!

    WINNER !! 🙂 x

  26. Rachelle Crous
    Rachelle Crous says:

    Amazing competition. Did all the things asked.

    Ever since I was a little girl I wanted a Louis Vuitton bag and promised myself one day I'm going to walk into a Louis Vuitton shop and buy me one. I have yet to be able to afford it, but hopefully someday soon.

    Thank you for running this awesome competition and giving us hope again!

  27. Emily
    Emily says:

    I can see I'm going to become mildly obsessed with sharing this competition over the next few days! 🙂

  28. Jasmine
    Jasmine says:

    Oh my word. Best giveaway ever! Love love love! @jasapple is going to tweet over and over again! 🙂


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