Get beautified and win with Woolworths

A few weeks back I went off to Woolworths to handpick a few of my favourite beauty products to try out, and I can’t say enough good things about the products I have been testing! Some real gems that I am so excited to share with you all!

For your chance to be spoilt rotten by Woolworths with some of my favourite beauty products, watch this video and follow the three simple steps below. Good luck! 

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3) Leave a comment below telling me your best beauty secret or tip!

Remember, the more you spread the word, the more extra entries you get yourself!

Competition closes on 21 June 2012, open to SA residents only.

259 replies
  1. Bridget Hannah
    Bridget Hannah says:

    *Tumeric and sugar face scrub* Mix a little tumeric, sugar and water to form a paste and put on as a mask on a clean face, Leave for about 15 mins, rinse and finish beauty routine..soft skin!

  2. DawnW
    DawnW says:

    My best beauty tip is is to start using anti-wrinkle creams BEFORE the wrinkles start and to always, always use sunscreen, winter and summer.

  3. Abigail
    Abigail says:

    My best beauty tip – If you dont want to leave lipstick stains on a glass or mugg, lick your lips before taking a sip 🙂 It works!

  4. Michelle Human
    Michelle Human says:

    Tip for making red lips last: apply liner, apply lipstick, blot, apply eyeshadow of same colour over lips and apply lipstick again. Lasts forever!

  5. Tasmiya
    Tasmiya says:


    Ive liked the Facebook page and tweeted Step 2 🙂

    My best beauty secret would have to be eyeliner. It brings out the most tired of eyes making you look energetic and ready to take on the day. Add some cherry chapstick and you're ready to be out and about. Perfect for the woman on the go.


  6. Zara
    Zara says:

    It's an oldie but a goodie – use sunscreen all year round, our chests and faces need that protection! 🙂

    I've posted on FB and Twitter too – yay!

  7. Melissa Barnard
    Melissa Barnard says:

    When applying concealer or base, I put a little on my lips and add lipgloss for a nude lip. Looks FAB! Also, drink lots of water.

  8. Sarah
    Sarah says:

    Don't overdo the foundation, and make sure it's right for your skin tone! The foundation is meant to blend, not draw attention 😉

  9. Shaina
    Shaina says:

    When painting my nails I put vaseline on my cuticles to stop the nail varnish from drying onto my skin, simply wash your hands and your hands look nice and tidy without any messed nail varnish.

  10. Meg
    Meg says:

    Best beauty tip EVER that I discovered in a moment of hair catastrophe: use moisturiser as a styling/calming product on hair gone awry!

  11. Alexandra Turner
    Alexandra Turner says:

    Best beauty tip I've ever received is to remove all make-up before going to bed and to apply a good moisturiser twice a day to the face and neck 🙂

  12. Michelle
    Michelle says:

    Best Beauty tip – Cucumber, Honey & Yoghurt/buttermil blitzed together used as a mask!
    Skin is so soft, bright and spot free!

  13. Melody Nicole Grobler
    Melody Nicole Grobler says:

    Best Beauty Tip – If you dont have blusher… draw a thin line up your cheeks with pink lipliner and then just rub it in. Sometimes it actually works better than blusher 🙂

  14. Amy
    Amy says:

    My best beauty tip would be: Lipstick. I recommend if you do nothing else, wear lipstick, it opens up your face so much and I always instantly feel prettier.

    I am going to go out and get that liner this weekend, I have been looking for one. Thanks for a lovely giveaway.

  15. Nazareen Ebrahim
    Nazareen Ebrahim says:

    Best beauty tip : place teaspoon in freezer for 3/4 minutes and then cup over sore/puffy eyes for relief

  16. Paballo
    Paballo says:

    Hi. I have dry skin skin so most products feel dry and uncomfortable on my face specifically. So, to help with the pain i wash my face with cold water, somehow that helps me 🙂 Thats my best beauty tip!

    Goodluck to me.

  17. Disgrunted Wife
    Disgrunted Wife says:

    I just entered to win BIG and get beautified with @WOOLWORTHS_SA & @toritatham, you can do the same here:

  18. Unknown
    Unknown says:

    My favourite beauty tip is mixing vinegar and soda water together, soaking my hair in that for at least 10 min -about the space between adverts on tv- then jump in the shower and shampoo out. The vinegar locks in a healthy looking shinyness for days

  19. Lieze Coetzee
    Lieze Coetzee says:

    Top tip – environmentally friendly exfoliation: if you use ground coffee you can recycle the ground pulp after use by using it as a yummy, great smelling, cost effective and environmentally friendly exfoliation agent! Great for your skin and the earth! plus apparently it helps to keep water/drain pipes unclogged.

  20. Geraldine
    Geraldine says:

    I've never really been a person for make up, but soon ill be starting work and need to look my best. So for me, make up that makes me look good is welcome. My simple tip is when putting lipstick on, pout on a tissue and re-apply the lipstick. It helps keep the lipstick on for longer. 😉

  21. Kerith
    Kerith says:

    Sometimes in Winter I get a few sad dry skin flakes on my forehead that only show up after I've applied foundation. Spray a little bit of hairspray onto your powder brush and fluff over them…gone! Magic. I definitely wouldn't recommend this as a solution, but we all need a little quick fix every now and then, and this one has proven to be a nifty little secret.


  22. Gillian
    Gillian says:

    The use of Vaseline as a cheap eye make-up remover, its also great for fixing chapped lips. Applying it and using an old toothbrush to massage lips will remove excess skin.

  23. Becky
    Becky says:

    Invest in an iridescent white eye shadow or illuminator – then dot some in the inner corners of your eyes when you've done your eye makeup. Makes eyes 'pop' and makes you look youthful and radiant 🙂

  24. Unknown
    Unknown says:

    First apply a light sweep of foundation over the eyelids. Follow with an eyeshadow base before applying eyeshadow. Blend into the eye. The colour will last for hours!

  25. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    My mom always says you can always spot a woman's age by looking at her hands. For that reason my tip is to apply a good quality hand cream at least 3 times a day. I do…religiously!
    Claire Mitchell

  26. Sanet
    Sanet says:

    Simple tip but really effective, especially to hide tiredness: Apply a bronzer in a "W" shape over foundation , starting at the temples, going down towards centre of cheeks , up to bridge of nose and repeat on other side of the face. VOILA! Skin looks rested and you glow!

  27. Miss B
    Miss B says:

    Always have a "neutral" frosty/shimmery eye-shadow. It is one of the most versatile things to have in your makeup bag. You can use it as an eyeshadow (obviously), as a highlighter on your brow bone, the inner corners of your eyes, cheek bones and down the bridge of your nose. You can also blend it with your matte blush to go from day-to-night, or just to add some shimmer to your blush when the mood strikes. You can dab some on your cupids bow and/or in the centre of you lips to make them appear more pouty. If you have really thin lips, you can trace the outline of your lip with a cotton bud that has been lightly dipped into your neutral shimmery eye shadow. You can also mix a tiny bit of it into your foundation/tinted moisturizer to make your skin appear more radiant. So… ALWAYS HAVE A NEUTRAL COLOURED SHIMMERY EYE SHADOW. I find champagney/pearly/light golds to work best for many skin tones.

  28. Lee Geldenhuys
    Lee Geldenhuys says:

    My best tip is the simplest – sunscreen every day! My highlighter compact helps make my skin glow, even when I'm tired – it especially helps in dry winter months.

    I "liked" Kiss Blush and Tell on Facebook, and tweeted under LeeGeldenhuys.

  29. Helen Humphris Joughin
    Helen Humphris Joughin says:

    Always wash your make-up off before you go to sleep at night. Use a moisturiser every morning and night. use hand cream regularly.

  30. Jackie K
    Jackie K says:

    My best beauty tip is using Elizabeth Annes baby shampoo as eye make-up remover, works like a bomb and very moisturising
    *Have tweeted and liked on FB

  31. Dannii J
    Dannii J says:

    A lip liner makes your lips look fuller, and drink a good amount of water everyday and always Hydrate your body with some body butter. 🙂 ALSO, eating orange skin helps with cellulite! 🙂

  32. Kelz
    Kelz says:

    I was told by my dermatologist not clean my face too often (which was morning and evening. Using products dried out my skin horribly). I only wash with luke warm water, and religiously use a toner every morning and evening (also as a make up remover). I have NOT had a pimple or problem since. I also use a thin layer of sunscreen for my face every morning. Moral? LESS IS MORE – Kelly Sweet (

  33. Unknown
    Unknown says:

    I scrub once a week. The scrub eliminated all of the dead skin cells and leave my skin flawless so when I apply my foundation it gives a nice smooth finish.

  34. Caryl Janse van Rensburg
    Caryl Janse van Rensburg says:

    My Best Beauty Secret – rub in a dab of cream moisturizer before applying eyeliner and top off with a light brush of translucent powder. All day wear liner that stays looking freshly applied and doesn't melt/run off giving that grey tired sweaty look!!!!

  35. Ziphezinhle
    Ziphezinhle says:

    I'm a student and i am always late…i sleep late as a result i wake up late. i'm sure you'd agree that putting on make up when you late can turn into disaster.The mascara smudges all over your eye lids the liquid eyeliner drops everywhere,the lipstick smudges not to mention the eye shadow.Having a bad day already hey… well don't worry simply take a baby wipe and wrap it around an ear bud and wipe away the mess…

  36. Unknown
    Unknown says:

    I have two beauty tips : Zam-Buks new Cherry lip balm, keeps your lips moisturized and gives a natural looking tint to your lips! Love love love it. 2nd Aloe Vera gel keeps your hands moisturized during the dry winter months and can also be applied after moisturizing in the evening & morning for some extra moisture

  37. Emma
    Emma says:

    This very original advice comes from my Dad – he always insisted my sister and I rub avocado or lemon juice into our hands. It sounds weird but it really nourishes the skin!
    I Liked the page and tweeted! @vintagevixenct

  38. @kcb_kelly
    @kcb_kelly says:

    Latest beauty secret I came across is: Coconut Oil! Amazing for your hair and skin. Also exfoliate your body more often during winter, makes a huge difference for tone and keeps skin smooth 🙂

  39. Unknown
    Unknown says:

    Always wear a primer before applying foundation, that way it will smoothen your face and your foundation stays on longer.You will look like a photoshoped supermodel 🙂

  40. Chicara
    Chicara says:

    The most important beauty tip I can give anyone is to remove all your makeup before bedtime. This is so important. The 2nd best tip is to moisturise – over time this will keep your skin looking young. 🙂

  41. Chiara
    Chiara says:

    Black liquid liner – practice makes perfect and it's so worth the effort if you want a strong look.

  42. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Best beauty tip – never forget to spend some time on your eye brows,they shape and frame your face!

    Luisa Volo

  43. Danielle Davids
    Danielle Davids says:

    Natural is always the best so a little eye liner and lip gloss will do and also try Clinique superbalanced makeup teint it's very natural would'nt even say you have anything on your face.:)

  44. cirsten van den heuvel
    cirsten van den heuvel says:

    (cirsten van den heuvel) TISSUE oil is must buy beauty item.I put in my bath, in my creams, on my face and body, in my hair conditioner. It works wonders

  45. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    I believe that in Winter we need to moisturise, moisturise our whole body to prevent it drying out in the cold windy weather and to make our skin look healthy and beautiful, also drink lots of water to flush out all the bad toxins, in actu fact we need to detox and get rid of all the bad toxins!!! Spoil yourself with all Woollies products as they have everything you need!!!
    Regards, Beverley Ann Swanepoel

  46. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    I try and do a juice detox weekend (The Juice Master) every now and again – just makes your skin glow and you feel fresh! *happy skin


  47. Erin
    Erin says:

    – ALWAYS wash your make-up off before bed.
    – Tea tree oil for spots; as tempting as it is, DON't pick and squeeze!
    – Never sleep with wet hair, or tie up wet hair (split ends :/).
    – Less is always more; don't over-do anything, you more than likely will end up looking like a drag queen…
    – Moisturize you face, neck, lips and hands before bed, every night.
    – As already mentioned numerous times, SUNSCREEN, SUNSCREEN, SUNSCREEN!
    – Don't pick ingrown hairs, try surgical spirits!
    – Stop smoking! It decreases the elasticity of and collagen in the skin, AND increases wrinkles
    – Drink more water.
    – STOP stressing! Stress ages you… Plus there's nothing to worry about, we're all beautiful 😀
    – Smile



  48. Leratzz Mailoane
    Leratzz Mailoane says:

    Cucumber blenden can be used on face to remove dark marks especially those caused by pimples…

  49. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    hi, 1st beauty tip – always smile, happy people are beautifulle poeple! 2nd lots of water, healthy eating and good skin products to moisterise daily. Narural is beautifull, so rose pink cheeks, eye liner and some mascara, with natural colour glassy lips 🙂

  50. Unknown
    Unknown says:

    My best beauty tip is to use witch hazel and rosewater as a toner. Its cheap, natural, and leaves your skin feeling absolutely AMAZING!! xx

  51. samantha estelle
    samantha estelle says:

    my beauty tip is to use lipgloss! it brings out the glamour in you making you feel good about urself and dont overuse makeup it makes you look like a clown best way keep it simple and natural no matter what always remember u look good and ur special

  52. Janis
    Janis says:

    In winter my skin takes an enormous beating (plus I'm on Roaccutane) and over the past 3 years Coconut Oil has come to my rescue. It costs less than R20 at Clicks and I apply it in the eve after a bath or shower. My skin feels so soft and no hint of dryness around. It is also a fantastic hair mask. I generally apply this to wet hair focusing on the ends, leave it on for an hour then wash/condition and style as usual. My hair is soft, glossy and healthy

  53. Jess
    Jess says:

    To make your lips smoother and lipstick last longer: Brush lips lightly with toothbrush, apply lip balm. Then apply lipstick and then lipgloss

  54. Natalie Roos
    Natalie Roos says:

    My best beauty tip is to use a powder. People always ask me why their makeup doesn't sit well on their skin or last all day, and I always say they can fix the problem by applying a layer of loose or pressed powder over their foundation with a large blusher brush. It helps to set your foundation and create a great canvas for you to apply the rest of your makeup to. It also helps to combat that pesky "eyeshow crease" that tends to happen midway through the day.

  55. Unknown
    Unknown says:

    My best beauty tip would most properly be if you have to go into the sun always use sunscreen no matter what time of the year. Always drink enough water or fluids to stay hydrated and always remove make-up before bed otherwise the skin can't renew it self while you sleep

  56. MusicMonkey14
    MusicMonkey14 says:

    I have completed all the steps mentioned above. My best beauty tip is to apply Vaseline on cracked, dry and split lips to keep it moisturised.

  57. candice ying sun
    candice ying sun says:

    mix foundation into your moisturiser before application onto the face it creates a flawless natural look

  58. Brecon
    Brecon says:

    A foundation BRUSH adds great texture to foundation making it look more natural. Saves you soooo much product, because it doesnt soak it up like sponges. Add a light natural tone bronzer, and some fab mascara and you have the perfect sunkissed glow! I use an eyebrow brush to remove chunky blobs from mascara – natural beauty! 🙂

  59. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    In Winter I use unperfumed soluble bath oil in my bath and then I moisturise my lips with good old-fashioned vaseline blueseal. Both products are very affordable and work like magic!

  60. shannOnfrost
    shannOnfrost says:

    always, always wear sunscreen. for me, it not only protects my skin everyday but helps moisturise it in this dry winter weather.

  61. Johandre Janse van Rensburg
    Johandre Janse van Rensburg says:

    Completed steps 1 & 2!

    Best Beauty tip:
    A good skincare routine, lots of water and as mentioned so many times, SUNSCREEN! As a winter bonus, Johnson's Baby Oil Gel, is perfect to keep the dryness away. Rub it onto your skin while in the bath/shower and leave it on a while before getting out. Pat your body dry, instead of rubbing and you will feel the difference!

  62. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    to get soft rosy lips, brush them with your toothbrush (before or after you brush your teeth!) – they will be devoid of dry skin and will look lovely and kissable!

  63. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Moisturize – use soluble bath milk in your bath – vaseline for lips and of course use these excellent beauty products available from Woolworths – Woolworths is the very best shopping experience their staff also fantastic.

  64. One Stiletto At A Time
    One Stiletto At A Time says:

    Apply nail polish to the edges of your nails, prevents them from chipping.

    Liked on Facebokk One Stiletto at A Time
    Tweeted @Onestiletto

  65. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    mix up a nice paste of sugar and honey and use it to exfoliate your body before bath time or your shower, its great for getting rid of dead skin cells but not too harsh to damage your skin…

    have liked and shared on face book

    Kristi Fraser

  66. Unknown
    Unknown says:

    Follow the 3steps – ALWAYS
    1 Clean
    2 Clarrify
    3 Moisturise

    Never go to bed with make-up on, and ALWAYS use a SPF for your face

  67. Unknown
    Unknown says:

    Johnson's Baby Oil in bath water to keep skin soft and glowing (especially during winter times), lots of water, and DON'T GO TO BED WITH MAKE-UP ON!
    One of my favourite products to use: The Intensive Spa Dead Sea Mud Mask: works wonders. Review on my blog.

    Great competition!

  68. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    I love the Woolies Natural body lotion with inca inchi and avocado oils. It is a GREAT hand moisturiser and it doesn't leave a nasty, greasy layer on your hands, so you can get back to work immediately without having to wait for it to "soak in". Plus it is kind to the environment because it is made from natural ingredients – beauty without cruelty!!

  69. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    When using liquid eyeliner, don't worry when the lines aren't perfect, correct it later with a wet earbud ::)
    Bheula de Jager

  70. Mariska
    Mariska says:

    As a make-up artist, I know a lot of tips and tricks to help you look your best.
    But the best tip ever is to get enough rest and water into your system.
    Make-up can only do so much, it is up to you to do the rest.
    Also adding sunscreen to your everyday regime is important, even if you are not going outside as the computer screen and lights also give off UV rays.
    I mean who wants dehydrated, tired, cracked, leathery and marked skin??

  71. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Apply double the ammount of moisturizer on your skin before you put your makeup on. It helps your foundation stay longer!

    Great comp Tor

    Shan x x x

  72. megs
    megs says:

    The best thing to use in winter when your hair is dry is a little bit of argan oil. I put a tiny bit in my hair after washing it and it makes such a difference. The best is that it doesn't make your hair oily.

  73. andie
    andie says:

    For healthy, thick and shiny hair-use horse shampoo-you can get it from your local vet ( use about a capful mixed with yor normal shampoo so its not too strong) also for stronger hair and hair growth put about 6-8 drops of mint oil ( can get from clicks) into your conditioner – when you massage it into your head it gives this awesome tingling feeling and smells amazing:)
    1 MORE 🙂 completely random but I just bought " herbal ointment" from clicks- R14 bucks for a bigish tin-similar to zambuck but works sooo well-can work for anything ( spots, rash, burn) but since Winter takes it out on my lips-i have been using it and it does miracles for dry chapped lips!in a day my lips were smoother and it gives them a nice clar natural shine! DO IT!!! 🙂 andie xx ( andie-rose[at]

  74. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Water water water, nothing is better than being hydrated from the inside, one will find you need very little on the outside then! Remember, coffee does not count as water!

  75. Natasha Northcote
    Natasha Northcote says:

    Never leave the house without putting on your sunblock. Even driving in the car you are exposed to the sun

  76. Virginia Horsley
    Virginia Horsley says:

    don't overdo your make-up, rather use it to accentuate your natural beauty, so make your main either your eyes or your mouth – don't have a lot of colour on both

  77. Lauren W
    Lauren W says:

    Always have your morning coffee before applying your mascara… Failing to do so can result in a skewered eyeball much like the one I have today. Oh and on those days when you need killer confidence a touch of red lipstick will make you stand out!

  78. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    For skin that glows spray rose water onto your face after you apply your foundation, that and keep your skin fresh and hydrated by drinking your 8 glasses of water! Follow me, ameera_sallie

  79. Jane van Doorene
    Jane van Doorene says:

    If you in a rush – use a tinted moisturizer with a bit of blush… it takes you from plain to perfect in a matter of seconds!

  80. Unknown
    Unknown says:

    Cleanser, Toner and a moisturiser with a high SPF to protect me again the harmfull sun. Most important, LOTS AND LOTS of WATER.

  81. Jassika
    Jassika says:

    Just loving yourself – who you are and what you look like. Be yourself, dont compare.
    Sun screen is a must to keep the wrinkles at bay. Cleanse, tone and moisturise. A good moisturise to keep those lips sexy. 🙂

  82. Refilwe Sillie
    Refilwe Sillie says:

    My most valued beauty tip of all time is to always wash your face at night,tone and mosturise it. It not only leaves your skin feeling great but it looks good too.****

  83. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    When applying eyeliner make sure you line the top also. It makes your eyes appear bigger and brighter!

  84. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Make your favourite lipstick last longer by scraping out the remains in the tube, and mixing it with some vaseline to make your own gloss. Voila!
    Talitha Paikin

  85. Roslyn Maree
    Roslyn Maree says:

    Laugh, Love and Live with respect. If you do these three things beauty is natural and can be seen by all. And since cleanliness is next to Godliness, clean and be cleansed.

  86. Kierryn Harris
    Kierryn Harris says:

    To look wide awake after a bad night's sleep (or heavy night out): apply tinted moisturiser with an spf and a pink blush to the apples of your cheeks. The swipe a highlighter along your upper cheek bones (from the end of your eyes to your hair line) and in the corner of your eyes. Apply mascara and you're good to go.
    Kierryn Goodwin

  87. J van Wyk
    J van Wyk says:

    I like your page already 🙂 I tweeted an posted on FB about the competition. My beauty tip(s): sunscreen EVERYDAY, never sleep with make-up, mix some moisturizer with foundation before applying, and lastly – baby wipes work fantastic as make-up remover wipes! 🙂

  88. REHANA
    REHANA says:

    Rehana Seedat Twittername:online61524 Drink lots of water to keep the skin hydrated. Always cleanse,tone and moisturize. Must use a sunscreen to protect skin from the harsh rays of the sun!Have tweeted and shared to facebook

  89. Marisa Lourenco
    Marisa Lourenco says:

    Coconut oil on the tips of your hair an hour before you wash it. Repairs split ends and restores shine instantly!

  90. Tessa
    Tessa says:

    E45 cream for dry skin….its moisturises without leaving the skin oily. You can use it anywhere, on your face too!

  91. tegan_ashley
    tegan_ashley says:

    Mixing a bit of foundation with your moisturizer and vaseline on your lips. Both so easy but make the world of difference.

  92. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Moisturize your hands before you sleep + wear gloves. Keeps them soft especially in this rough, cold winter.


  93. KayliVee
    KayliVee says:

    Every one has a full before bed beauty regime. But sometimes you may be too tired, too tipsy or too lazy to go through the whole she-bang. So I don't wake up hating myself, I keep a pack of moisturizing make-up removal wipes NEXT TO MY BED, so at least I don't wake up with a splodgy face. And yes, even when I am tipsy I do it! It's just so easy.

  94. sara colle
    sara colle says:

    be yourself, there is not such a thing as a beauty secret, take care of your body and skin, give it some sun tan and love yourself! and drink water, lots of it.


  95. JessLee
    JessLee says:

    These are my life and beauty tips. Use them/don’t use them. Whatevs..

    Don’t let your mother to comb your hair when she is angry with your father.
    Especially if you have wild curly hair.
    No time to bath? Wrap yourself in cello tape and simply peel it off. Or use wet wipes if you have the same hygiene standards as my college roommate.
    Don’t brush your teeth at the same basin as your sister. She will spit in your hair.
    Always spend a little more on nail polish. If you’re going to take the time to paint your nails, it may as well last longer than a day.
    Laugh every day. It’s the only exercise I get and I look fabulous!

  96. Amy Kaye
    Amy Kaye says:

    Coconut oil is super moisturizing and can be used as a deep cleanser for skin pores as it contains natural antibacterial ingredients to help clear up acne. It can be used used to ease fine lines and wrinkles and to soften dry skin. Coconut oil also acts as a natural sunscreen, protecting skin even further.

  97. Unknown
    Unknown says:

    For a fresh, dewy and natural face I wet my make up sponge first, squeeze out all excess water and then apply my foundation (I prefer liquid, but I think it works with any type except the foundation/powder combos). This helps the foundation go on thinly, smoothly and flawlessly. It also gives your skin a radiant healthy appearance whereas using a dry sponge sometimes can make the founcadtion look thick, dry and sometimes even cakey. This is great for when you only need light to medium coverage (for daytime for instance) and it will also stretch that foundation to help it last a lot longer! Try it! 🙂

  98. Naidene Cooper
    Naidene Cooper says:

    The best beauty tip I could ever share is to use a skin primer or illuminator. Your skin looks instantly smoother, younger and glowing. 🙂

  99. Unknown
    Unknown says:

    My best beauty secret is; to brush my lips when brushing my teeth. It removes all the dead skin from your lips and the brushing and the menthol in the toothpaste promotes the natural collegen. So for Plumper – fuller lips brush your lips every morning.

  100. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Perfume: It rises, so spray it on your ankles or behind your knees to help your scent last longer
    Nail Polish: Don't shake the nail polish bottle, instead roll it between your palms. This mixes the polish without causing air bubbles

  101. Simone
    Simone says:

    My best beauty tip is sufferers of chapped lips. Apply a layer of 8 hour cream before and in the morning your problem is solved 🙂

  102. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Best beauty secret would be to scrub twice a week. we always have dead skin cells on our face and if we don't get rid of it the moisture can't penetrate deeper into the skin. There is no point in moisturising if your dead skin cells are blocking your pores. – SCRUB!! 🙂
    Claudia – claudia41269[at]

  103. Unknown
    Unknown says:

    Wear sunscreen always, and choose a foundation with spf15. Cleanse, tone and moisturise every single day and make sure you drink enough water <3

  104. Mon Jackson
    Mon Jackson says:

    Best beauty tip i have ever received is tissue oil or bio oil! I put it everywhere once I have showered- bum, legs, boobs, cheeks, shoulders…. It ensures soft, toned and smooth skin everywhere!

  105. aimless
    aimless says:

    Beauty tips i have accumulated over my life: Never ever go to sleep with makeup on. It is not worth it. Baby powder works well for emergency hair de-greasing, but it is really bad for your scalp and hair so don't do it often. Buy the best shampoo and conditioner you can afford – your hair WILL thank you. If forced to pick, buy a better conditioner than shampoo, as it seals in the moisture and closes your hair's cuticles. Never use 2-in-1 conditioner/shampoo – shampoo opens the pores in your hair, and conditioner closes them – poor, confused hair! If you want a bit more "pop" to the colour of your eyeshadow, try wetting your finger with water before applying the colour. This also helps to "hold" the colour for longer (note – only use with trusted makeup brands. Cheaper brands will just flake and crease). White or silver eyeliner in the inner corners of your eyes makes you appear more fresh-faced and cat-eyed – sexy! Use your toothbrush to gently exfoliate your lips with brown treacle sugar if they are cracked and dry. Don't ever use vaseline as a lip balm – it doesn't actually help. The best lip-saver i have ever used is Bepanthen Nappy Rash cream – lifesaver!

  106. clouds
    clouds says:

    Liked & Shared 🙂
    My bestest tip would have to be baby powder…far cheaper than dry shampoo, works a whole lot better and smells pretty 🙂

  107. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    My secret to having a glowing complexion, is to maintain a healthy diet and drink plenty of water. This can be done by ensuring you are eating enough zinc, vitamin C, and flaxseed oil (in food form, instead of in supplements, to get the most benefits). All these combined, work together to help heal your skin and reduce inflammation (like red spots from acne). We underestimate how much a healthy diet can affect our skin.

  108. lindie
    lindie says:

    If you going to be photographed, do not wear a foundation with a sunscreen added. The flash will make you look ghostly.

  109. Unknown
    Unknown says:

    A really really good eye cream! I bought my first Woolies' skin/beauty product in April, the Anti-Ageing Line Repair Eye Cream. It is the best out of over 6 different brands of eye creams I've tried to diminish dark circles and eye bags. My skin feel nourished, tighter and my appearance became fresher and younger looking, which is the perfect canvas for any make up. I am now also a big fan of Woolworths skin care/bauty products.

  110. Melissa Ephraim
    Melissa Ephraim says:

    I can't remember where I picked this up, but being a student means – lack of sleep. A facial tip to fight the sag effect includes: placing moisturizer on the saggy/wrinkled areas at least 5min before applying the make-up. The make-up goes on more evenly and gives off a smooth look. Dry/patchy areas are also far less visible.

  111. Nina-Justine von Wielligh
    Nina-Justine von Wielligh says:

    The best beauty tip I have is confidence. No matter how you look or feel on a day, if you are confident, no one will be the wiser:)

  112. aalia hoosen
    aalia hoosen says:

    My mum always taught me to NEVER go to bed with your make up on & exfoliate every second night <3

  113. Safiya
    Safiya says:

    White eyeliner in the lower waterline (the inside of the lower lashline) will make your eyes look bigger and make them pop! Especially if you're wearing black eyeliner around your lashlines.

  114. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Bio Oil (or tissue oil) applied before going to sleep. And when applying make-up (I use matt, eye shadow, etc) I don’t use application brushes and or sponge, I’m more of an artist, I use my finger tips to apply. And it's still even* 😉

  115. Samantha Fernandes da Costa
    Samantha Fernandes da Costa says:

    Every girl HATES how eyeliner either smudges leaving us with panda eyes, or just doesn't last?!

    The secret TIP is called POPPING!

    After applying your layer of eyeliner in the waterline, take a clean make-up brush (an angle brush will work best) and the same color eyeshadow as your eyeliner & POP the shadow on top. This intensifies your eyeliner in pay-off (colour) and lasts throughout the whole day!

    If you find it a little more challenging to remove after hours, use an oil based make-up remover or non-harmful product to the eye.

    HAPPY POPPING Ladies 🙂

  116. Christie Collier-Mann
    Christie Collier-Mann says:

    Don't smoke, your mouth will look like a cat's bum one day when you are old and always wear a hat – pale is always interesting, tanned old leather is not.

  117. Kath
    Kath says:

    It's not always necessary to get a professional to do your hands and feet. But every couple of months it's worth getting your nails done properly – it makes them easier to manage yourself and if you need a pick-me-up, nothing works quite as easily or cheaply as a mini-manicure!

  118. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    ALWAYS Remove Makeup before going to bed and if you want your nails to be stronger naturally soak them in slightly heated olive oil – it really works well!

  119. Janice Leibowitz
    Janice Leibowitz says:

    Always remove makeup before going to bed; use the appropriate moisturiser for your skin, morning and night – start doing this as young as possible!! Always use hand and nail creams – so many people focus only on their face when it comes to their beauty regime, and then end up with dry, wrinkly hands.

  120. Catherine Roberts
    Catherine Roberts says:

    At the first sign of a pimple I put nappy cream on the spot. Nappy cream is a natural antibiotic and kills the germs, preventing the spot in question from getting any bigger

  121. MeeA
    MeeA says:

    I'm no beauty expert but the best advice I've gotten is still the simple stuff:
    1) Drink lots of water
    2) ALWAYS wash your make-up off before you go to bed
    3) Cleanse, tone & moisturise daily

  122. Charné
    Charné says:

    Most important beauty tip is to wash your face morning and night and NEVER forget to moisturise! Also you should exfoliate your face at least once a week.

  123. Samantha Cartwright
    Samantha Cartwright says:

    My beauty tip is for anyone with pimples or acne.

    Use Tea Tree Oil to clear up breakouts and heal the skin around it.

    Tea Tree Oil is a natural antibiotic that fights the bacteria that causes pimples.

    The smell can be overpowering, but it is truly worth it if you want a natural remedy.

  124. Se-Anne
    Se-Anne says:

    For winter, forget the expensive lip moisturizers as most end up drying your lips anyway… Buy a small tub of Vaseline and use that instead. It's cheap and lasts much longer! Also, Vaseline is amazing for dry cuticles (fingers and toes!) and is a super add on when moisturizing your feet and hands before bed. Just mix a little in with your beauty cream and you'll have amazingly smooth hands and feet…. Vaseline keeps you crack free!

  125. Nonelwa Moni
    Nonelwa Moni says:

    Always go with the 3 steps for a beautiful skin. Wash, tone and moisturise. The big MUST, wash your make-up off before going to sleep.

  126. Peeza
    Peeza says:

    Baby oil is my best friend in winter. I carry it around in my handbag and use it instead of handcream, fantastic for cuticles!!!

  127. Dieketseng Rose Magabane
    Dieketseng Rose Magabane says:

    Hi there

    I'm totally inlove with the effect that Vaseline Blue Seal has on my skin. . . I use it as a moisturiser(Day + Night) And i use lemon juice with a bit of olive oil and vodka as a toner. . . For the cleansing I use the Clarins Cleansing Milk. My skin is radiant and healthy! I also love the Clarins Colour Quench Lip Balm and also their Mascara. Clarins is great quality!

  128. Lavin
    Lavin says:

    Always always wear sunscreen!Also always wear a base coat on your nails before painting them with colour, they will never discolour. And mix together some honey and cinnamon and apply to your face everyday for about 15 mins (or as long as you can handle it before it starts dripping), your acne problem will disappear and the inflammation will go down, your face will look brighter and feel smoother, just dont lick it off before it gotten a chance to work.

  129. Jess Robey
    Jess Robey says:

    Best Beauty Tip – treat yourself to a RegimaA natural face peel once a month or every two months. The peel removes the outer dead layer of skin and rejuvenates your skin. It will leave your skin with an incredible glow and look of freshness…I always get comments days after having a peel done.

  130. Tanya
    Tanya says:

    (Charis Kb on Fb/ Hannahnietta on twitter) The secret to good looking skin and around beauty is water! Yes! make sure u drink ur 8 glasses a day, u jst cant go wrong, all the toxins and wastes are flushed out of ur system!!!!!! Water! Water and more Water!

  131. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    for Pigmentation, use woolies green corrector sparingly, put on a medium base, sheer on areas without pigmentation and build a little bit more on pigmented skin. Take a brush and cover pigmented areas lightly with translucent powder. on an older skin it will stop you from looking to matte and too made up but will still hide the pigmentation.

  132. Frabjousway
    Frabjousway says:

    Tissue oil as a night cream… and especially before flying! Great moisturing effect – day and night, particularly in winter.

  133. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Useing lemon juice and sour cream over the entire face as a mask twice a week for exfoliating and evening out skin tone works like a charm

  134. Unknown
    Unknown says:

    My best beauty tip-there is no such thing as too much eyeliner. Pencil, Liquid, Felt-tip pen liner and Gel liner-eyes need to be lined!! In all different colours, match your eyeliner to your eye colour to make your eyes pop even more!

  135. Annaliza Maharaj
    Annaliza Maharaj says:

    Heaters dry out our skin, so if possible have a humidifier on in the room to keep the moisture in the room air.

  136. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Super increase on hair growth: Bergamot oil.

    It's natural steriods for your hair keeping it strong and making it grow faster.

    Add it to your shampoo and you will see results pretty fast. My hair grows average 4cm each month.

  137. Sarisha Harrychund
    Sarisha Harrychund says:

    Drink 2 litres of water a day, get enough sleep, rub in a drop of vitamin E oil and tea tree oil at night to prevent pimples, and for glowwy skin, use sunscreen daily!

  138. angelique venter
    angelique venter says:

    Having a little girl in the house, we always have wet wipes handy. I use those wet wipes to clean the make-up off my face. They are soft and smell good and they are way cheaper then the name brand make-up remover wet wipes.

  139. Deborah Worthington
    Deborah Worthington says:

    Try Body Shop's lip and cheek stain. It is not greasy and drys straight onto the skin. It lasts much longer than lipstick and can be used day and night. The vibrancy of the colour varies depending on the thickness applied.

  140. Yolandi Jonker
    Yolandi Jonker says:

    Never leave the house without applying a moisturiser to your face and never go to bed with your make up on, no matter how tired you are!!!!!

  141. Jenae Duval
    Jenae Duval says:

    I used to have really bad acne until I started using Zinc and Castor Oil cream by Baby Things, found at dischem in the baby section. It cleared up my acne and has made my skin so smooth, literally like a baby's bottom, it also took the redness away! I LOVE this product and it is the cheapest, going for R27.99 or something like that.

  142. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Use egg white as a mask on your skin for black heads. Chrisilda Cocklin
    I did all the steps.

  143. Jeandri
    Jeandri says:

    Keep a pearly white lip gloss in your handbag to put not only on your lips but also on your brow bones and cheekbones as highlighter*

  144. Nomathemba
    Nomathemba says:

    My best beauty secret or tip: lots of water, enough sleep, sunscreen and ensuring i dont ever sleep with make-up on **,)

  145. Phoebe
    Phoebe says:

    I apply Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour® Cream Skin Protectant to my lips in the evening and in the morning, keeps them soft. When applying foundation, I also apply concealer under my eyes just to cover up dark circles, I find it useful underneath your nose too where you might be a bit pink. And lastly, I always remove all my make up in the evenings, I believe this is why I have such healthy skin.

  146. Unknown
    Unknown says:

    My beauty secret is being happy. A smile makes anyone more beautiful. Sunscreen and moisturiser are helpful too.

  147. Anne
    Anne says:

    Proper hydration is a must!

    I also can't live without Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse dry oil (you can get it here at Edgars). I apply morning and night on my face, but it can also be used for your hair and body. It is hands down the best product I have ever used.

  148. Zan-Mari
    Zan-Mari says:

    Never EVER consider getting permanent make up. Sometimes a girl is pretty without make up. You don't wanna look like a plastic Barbie doll with your face all dolled up in the morning, Your hubbie needs to see you all sleepy and droopy in the morning.

  149. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Use tissue oil in the evenings for your whole body. Excellent moisturisor.
    Deserisé Viljoen

  150. Amalia Appleton
    Amalia Appleton says:

    Water! Water! Water! You can have the best beauty products on the market but without drinking the right amount of water per day to keep your skin hydrated they won't be worth anything.

  151. Nix
    Nix says:

    Mix Woolworths Olive Oil & Woolworths sugar together for a great lip exfoliant. Works wonders & it is super easy 🙂

  152. Cindy Jacobs
    Cindy Jacobs says:

    I NEVER go to bed at night before removing my make-up, i always use dark make up for my eyes and on my lips i usually wear nude shades

  153. Charmaine Taylor
    Charmaine Taylor says:

    Best beauty tip is LIP STAIN then lip ice over to keep them moist – keeps the lips colourful for much longer – even if you have NO make up – as long as your lips have colour on them you will be fine 🙂

  154. Chantal Oliver
    Chantal Oliver says:

    I learned this from Clinique and am one of this people that get told by people daily that I have beautiful skin and always get asked what I use. So here is my top tip

    Never rub moisturiser onto your face, pat it on. Rubbing actually takes it off your skin and disperses it in different places. Patting it on helps the skin soak it up.

  155. Sara Hadiaris
    Sara Hadiaris says:

    lots of fruit, veg and water, exercise, good night's sleep and a natural glowing look from Woollies

  156. orangepeel
    orangepeel says:

    My three tips are:

    One-apply coconut oil as a facial mask once a week, leaving it for an hour on your face to keep outbreaks undercontrol as well as to keep your skin looking smooth and hydrated throughout the week. Interesting eating a spoon of cooconut oil every morning, which can be enjoyed in a boal of oats too will also help keep you nice and trim. Essential for winters.

    Two-exfoliating the lips, and applying shea butter to your lips every night before going to bed will ensure that yours lips look impeccable after applying a lipstick or gloss each time before you leave for a day outing.

    Three-concealer under the eyes helps brighten up your look, especially if you have sunken or dark-rimmed eyes.

    These work wonderfully!
    Nthabiseng Matsoha

  157. Lara Schenk
    Lara Schenk says:

    I have picked up 3 tips/tricks that I live by:

    1)Always use a foundation with a good SPF
    2)I often use a treatment as a conditioner as I dye my hair which makes it quite dry
    3) To make my lashes look longer I apply mascara in 3 layers waiting a minute or two before applying the next layer.

  158. Tams
    Tams says:

    Hair feeling dull and 'not so fresh' but you don't have time to wash it? I use some talc on my scalp and brush through, works like dry shampoo, and your hair will look fresh a cleaner a little longer. Also for red marks on your face use green concealer and for dark marks pink concealer.

  159. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    shaheeda loofer
    my best beauty tip is to SMILE,when you happy you give off a glow that makes you look and feel alive.keep skin glowing by cleaning,use a scrub to deep clean face and body and dress for sucsess where possible.If u look pulled together you feel amazing and then you sparkle

  160. jennifer
    jennifer says:

    less is more , the more natural the makeup the younger u look.never go to bed without removing your makeup

  161. laurenleigh
    laurenleigh says:

    apply foundation with a sponge and apply straight over your lips until they almost disappear. Line your lips lightly with liner ( eyeliner actually works best believe it or not) and colour your lips in with your lipstick of choise using a lip brush if possible. lip colour or lip stick lasts for way longer and it works! i have tested it myself.
    Twitter: @laurenleigh_cc

  162. Daniella
    Daniella says:

    Liked and shared on FB
    Tip; use vaseline for any dry or cracked skin on feet and hands then sleep with gloves and or socks

  163. Connie Skweyiya
    Connie Skweyiya says:

    The Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream is my ESSENTIAL beauty secret. it moisturises chapped lips, while giving an awesome glossy finish. it also works wonders with any skin irritations, such as rashes, chapping and just dryness. totally love it!!

  164. Chantell van Blommestein
    Chantell van Blommestein says:

    I put vaseline on my lips before going to bed every night! Never had a day of dry /cracked lips! Wear sunscreen everey day even in winter time!

  165. Siyasanga
    Siyasanga says:

    Just because you're going to bed doesn't been your skin needs to ignored. Give yourself a mini facial scrub by washing your face and gently massaging your face for 5 minutes. Rinse and pat dry, and apply tissue oil (in winter) or Moisturizer with suncreen ( in summer). You'll wake up feeling gorgeous!

  166. Kirsty Carpenter
    Kirsty Carpenter says:

    In the morning, refresh your skin with cold water right from the tap – it's icy but so good!

  167. Heather Johnston
    Heather Johnston says:

    One of the things that a make-up lady told me once… which made a huge difference, is dont pump your mascara brush in and out your container cause that adds air and dries the mascara out.

    My mascara now lasts just that much longer.:-)

    PS Good old cucumber, cold teabags, back of a silver spoon for those puffy eyes… and oldie but goodie

  168. Charisse
    Charisse says:

    Always cleanse your face, lots of water, any moisturizer is better than none , buy the the best you can afford , try and invest in at least one good all round serum , never leave home without your lipstick on !

  169. Tanya Slye
    Tanya Slye says:

    Hey Victoira!
    8 hour cream and bio oil 🙂 Apply before you go to sleep and a little in the morning- reduces puffiness and blemishes as well as keeps your skin smooth and mousturised-does wonders!!
    Once again- great compitetion!!
    Fingers crossed!!
    Tanya Slye xx

  170. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Here are my top 10 Makeup tips as I'd simply LOVE to win this amazing Woolworths hamper 🙂

    1 : To not get lipstick on teeth : Apply lipstick, then place a finger in your mouth. Close lips around your finger and pull finger out. This should remove any excess lipstick, thereby keeping it from collecting on your teeth.

    2 : To avoid nailpolish chipping : Make sure nails are super clean Natural oils on your nails aid in chipping. Even if your nails are polish-free, apply polish remover to get rid of oils on the surface of nails.

    3 : Eyeshadow applying : Use 3 colours : Start light then go darker. Brush the base color to the entire eye up to the brow bone (base is the lightest color), apply the lid color (the medium color) and THEN apply the highlighter (the darkest color).

    4 : Eyeshadow : To keep your eyeshadow lasting throughout the day, apply a little bit of base concealer on your eyelids before you apply eyeshadow – This will Keep your eyes looking fabulous all day!

    5 : Concealer : Tap – dont rub – apply several dots of concealer under the eyes, then use the pad of your middle finger to tap it in (always tap, never rub).

    6 : For fuller looking lips – Go dark : Rich red shades make lips look fuller than neutral ones

    7 : Face preparation : Cleanse, tone and moisturize daily – morning and night 🙂

    8 : Drink 1litre of water per 30kg you weigh each and every day 🙂

    9 : Eyelashes – Always curl your lashes 🙂 Curled lashes immediately make eyes "pop."

    10 : To get stains off your nails : Brush away any stains from nail polish with peroxide whitening toothpaste. Use an old toothbrush 🙂

    There are my 10 top beauty tips to looking fabulous 🙂

  171. Unknown
    Unknown says:

    If you want your eyeliner to stay on longer and not run (especially on the lower lids), apply a layer of matching eyeshadow as it seals it in nicely 🙂

  172. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    My Best tip: Always remember to lubricate your skin through your diet, by loading up on foods rich in essential fatty acids, like olive oil.

    Neo Gaanakgomo

  173. delia nockfar pillay
    delia nockfar pillay says:

    I had a traditional indian wedding where the Bride's female family and friends join her in a 'cleansing ritual'. This involves them rubbing the bride with a mixture of tumeric powder mixed with water and tea tree oil. The colour should be a light yellow so as not to stain the skin. Wow, after this I glowed, my skin, my hair. I know use this weekly as part of my cleansing routine. The compliments I've received since have been overwhelming!

  174. Lovely Light
    Lovely Light says:

    Tweeted and on FB! My tip- don't over work your skin/hair. Let it be sometimes. Don't wash hair daily.

  175. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    If you can't afford expensive eye creams do use Preparation H (ointment for piles!) sparingly. It reduces wrinkles, puffiness and dark circles under the eyes. And a tube lasts forever! Keep the tube in the fridge in summer. AMANDA BORRETT

  176. Unknown
    Unknown says:

    Two tips:
    1) If you have sensitive eyes like I do and can't handle conventional eyeliners, go for a kohl eyeliner (super cheap particularly at flea markets). They go on very dark and easily and so don't tug on the eye. They are also mild enough to use to line your inner lids to achieve the perfect Egyptian/smoky eye look.
    2) If you get unruly tangles which are really hard to brush out and tend to lead to hair damage, get yourself a comb for in the shower/bath and comb your hair while conditioning. It really helps! Even after roughly towel drying I hardly get tangles anymore and my hair requires minimal brushing after my morning showers (anything to save time so I can spend more time in bed)!

  177. Marcia Berg
    Marcia Berg says:

    I wear SPF 40 and because I have Pigmentation I dont have much of a choice, look after your face it is the only one U'll ever have.

  178. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    The products you use do not have to be expensive! I use Johnson Vanishing Cream….Works a treat! A twirl of mascare and a hint of lip ice and away I go. A sublte hint of make up is more sexy than a layer!

  179. jen
    jen says:

    this is a bit of a different type of beauty tip, but the first thing i notice on people are their teeth, to help keep ur teeth white and help with acid, use a straw every time u drink soda!!!! it helps keep the acid away from ur teeth, the less contact the better!!!


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