26 days

I got back to work yesterday, and as unpleasant as that thought is, at least my holiday was exactly what I needed. Between exploring my many recipe books (Ottolenghi where have you been my whole life?!), spending quality time with my family, boyfriend and friends (sister was here from UK), taking my beautiful dogs for walks and swimming in the sun; I certainly feel relaxed. Not saying I was ready for work, but it was a good break 🙂

The ’26 Days’ title of this post refers to the number of days until I officially become a home owner and move into my little flat – and leading up to that there is a huge amount I need to do – from appliance shopping, cushion making to ordering of furniture and lighting. To compensate on how clueless I am in this department, I have completely overdone the research side of things and honestly feel like I’ve got tips/quotes/direction from every possible Tom, Dick or Harry out there.

Hoping it’s well worth it. Here’s to a great year, hope getting back into work isn’t too bad – think we need a pet peeves to cheer us up…

Below are a few images where I have based some of my furniture making, lighting and decorating ideas on (sometimes just the smallest idea in each image). Hoping it all ties in well together:




 Image source: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

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