Please Santa…

This is what my wishlist would like like this year. By that I mean in my dreams… Either way we all allowed to day dream a little (and of course, hint). 

I really am not making Christmas shopping easy for myself this year, firstly I made the horrendous mistake of dragging my Dad and brother into Country Road this weekend in the attempt of ticking them off my ‘To Buy” list {Mum and sister not far behind (read: entire family in shopping centre – a recipe for disaster!}), after many trips to and from the change room and much umming and ahh-ing, I finally managed to find them something. This in itself is quite an achievment. 

Secondly, I keep going by my little philosophy for 2011 of ‘one for them, one for me’ with the simple explanation being ‘I deserve it’ – (which I most certainly don’t) either way, loving every bit about this time of year… Now just to get home and be with my family! In the meantime, they can ponder over my list…

Brideshead shower gel – O so luxurious with the most gorgeous fragrances.
I love…
Essie luxe effects – I need this. Can’t wait to recieve mine…
Kate Spades lipsticks – have you ever?
My favourite candles in pink… Ahhh
Tom Ford lipstick in coral, even if it’s just for the packaging!
My KitchenAid – I say my as I am that adament about getting one!    
Bose earphones
Five blade herb scissors – how cool are these?!

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  1. Lesley-Ann
    Lesley-Ann says:

    Those herb scissors look so good! SUCH a good gift idea. Pity I've bought all my Christmas gifts this year already but will definitely remember them for upcoming family birthday presents x


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