Royal Wedding

I feel left out not doing a post on this, I mean it is the day in the Royal Wedding calender after all…  

I have to admit I am dying to see it all happen. It was only yesterday that I started getting really into it and now the Charly’s Bakery Royal Wedding cupcakes have been ordered as well as plenty of tea and scones and I’m all eyes!

Courtesy of Charly’s Bakery this morning…

More than anything I cant wait to see her dress – I hear she is doing her own make-up (after numerous classes by some professional) in order to prevent leaks about her dress. How’s that for a build up? It better be well worth it!

I can promise you one thing, I would be that commoner (as they call us normal people..) standing outside Westminster Abbey waving my Union Jack like crazy with tears running down my face in my element (or in misery…)!

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