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I’m pretty slack when it comes to accessorising, but always admire people who make the effort to do so; it makes the biggest difference to someone’s outfit! I am all about statement  jewellery of late so you can only imagine the excitement when I heard about this giveaway!  

The prizes 🙂

I am not sure if you remember me speaking about the beautifully packaged tampon brand, Ava (sounds weird, I know!)? If not, see my post here. These handbag-friendly and super-cute tins are just amazing! Anyway, they have teamed up with Sass Diva, our favourite fashion-forward accessories brand, and are giving away 5 different ‘looks’ to you lucky ladies! How unbelievable?! That’s a whole entire looks, see the options below:

Black is Back:

But no sombre or gothic ensembles this time around – think retro! I love this polka dot head scarf from Sass Diva – so cute with a LBD.

Birds of a Feather:

The birdie trend has been with us for a while now – but now it’s gone all out! No more images or cut outs of birds or twigs – wear a feather in your hair, on a hair band or as a brooch. The look is a little more bohemian, so try pairing it with long skirts and feminine layers. Loose, tousled hair is a must for this!

Floral Fantasy:

There are so many different ways to wear this trend. If you’re afraid of looking like your grandma’s cupboard – best to wear something a little bit more mod, then wear a cute hair band with flowers on it, or a floral brooch. A simple flower in your hair is always cute!

Plum Perfect:

Aah….Plum! That colour that just never seems to really make it into the fashion spreads! Plum, or different shades of purple, is a great colour for almost any event. In the evening – go deep and accent with black. During the day, try using lighter shades with white and grey – a beautiful combo! Again, if you’re afraid that the look will wear you instead of the other way around – just use it as an accent. A little splash of colour is all you need!

Green Envy:

OMW – this is by far my fave look right now! But girls, be sure to look out for jade greens rather than grass greens! Perfect for day or night, this colour packs a punch when it comes to making a statement. You simply cannot go wrong with a white summer dress and this beautiful butterfly pendant from Sass Diva. And how about a LBD with that green Grecian head band? To die for!!

To stand a chance to win one of these looks, as well as a few tins from Ava, see below:

1) Like Ava and Sass Diva on Facebook.

2) Like Kiss, Blush and Tell on Facebook

3) Tweet/Facebook this:

I want to win with @Talkto_Ava, @SassDivaSA and @toritatham:

4) And finally, leave me a comment letting me know which look is your best 🙂 

Competition closes on 4 June 2012. Open to SA residents only.Winners are not guaranteed their chosen look – this is done at random.

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  1. Jassika
    Jassika says:

    Black is Back, love the polka dots and retro. Stunning/
    Liked and tweeted.
    Facebook name : Sunaina Orrie sheikh

  2. Siyasanga
    Siyasanga says:

    I love the Black is Back and the Floral Fantasy collections. Still crazy in <3 about your blog. Keep it up!

  3. Lauren
    Lauren says:

    The "Green Envy" look is without a doubt my favourite! Jadey greens are my favourite shade, and I absolutely adore anything green – especially at the moment! I've liked all of the pages on Facebook and tweeted on my Twitter account, @LD_P! 🙂

  4. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    I ♥ Green Envy… I embrace it with color, specifically a vibrant shot of jade green. Colour to live by this Winter/Spring…Come day, come night: Green Envy #5 #SaveTheBestForLast #Statement! @Artanista

  5. Unknown
    Unknown says:

    Black is Back is definitely my favourite, my favourite colour has been black since I can remember. My wedding dress was infused with black and so is my house! “No I’m not s Goth, just a fanatic!”

  6. Julandi Smal
    Julandi Smal says:

    I love love love Green Envy!!! Floral Fantasy and Black is back are great 2! Not too sure if Plum Perfect would suite me though 🙂 Birds of a Feather is also cute, but I think I have enough bird/feather style accessories! Good luck everyone!!!

  7. Lauren Kruger
    Lauren Kruger says:

    I have liked all of the pages mentioned above. I love the Black is Back set, its gorgeous! <3 I have tweeted as well.

  8. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    I adore the Green Envy. I have liked all the pages!!!~
    Deserisé Viljoen
    0793674053 deserise[at]

  9. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    completed all steps! definately love floral fantasy! #3
    candice ying sun and my email is candice.888[at] 🙂

  10. NUNU
    NUNU says:

    Green Envy Collection Love the deep jaded green tones.
    Facebook:Nooreen Agherdien
    Email: nooreenag[at]

  11. One Stiletto At A Time
    One Stiletto At A Time says:

    Black is back is beautiful! So is the Green Envy.
    Tweeted @Onestiletto
    Liked on facebook under my blog page One Stiletto At A Time

  12. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Black is Back, love the polka dots and retro…can waer it with everything…so you can look as sexy and stylish then ever before…love it

  13. chidojae
    chidojae says:

    Absolutely gotta be no4!! Am all about being green with envy!! The headband i def gotta gotta have please 🙂

  14. Unknown
    Unknown says:

    Love number one! The simplicity of black is always a winner! Audrey Hepburn always made it look SO classy!
    Facebook Meghan Less
    Twitter @meghanless

  15. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Def Floral Fantasy !!!! so pretty and summery even though we heading to winter… Denise Labuschagne

  16. Carrott
    Carrott says:

    Amazing feathery wonderfulness! Birds of a feather is lovely, and I have a severe lack of white feathers in my extensive feather collection.

    I do also love green envy.

    And now I like a tampon brand on facebook *giggle* (already LOVED everything else :))

  17. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Winter she is a coming and no outfit will be complete with a sassy green envy jewellery collection!
    The trees might not be evergreen but this look sure is!

    Green Envy! <3

    Simone Jurgens @thatSimone

  18. Ruweida
    Ruweida says:

    I love Plum perfect it's so retro 🙂 Liked and shared on facebook and tweeted about the competition; holding thumbs!
    Twitter name: princessruw

  19. Tasneem Thomas
    Tasneem Thomas says:

    I've liked all the pages, following all on twitter, tweeted on twitter and shared on facebook. I'm absolutely smitten with green envy… would love to add it to my collection! @Tazz_Thomas


  20. DanielaC
    DanielaC says:

    Loveeeee Floral Fantasy as it has such a great vintage feel and I am loving all the fashions available at the moment.

  21. Lovely Light
    Lovely Light says:

    Liked all three, Tweeted about it (@LovelyLight1), and my favorite color is BLACK!
    withoutcomplexities at gmail dot com

  22. Jasmiena
    Jasmiena says:

    I'm not usually big on jewellery because I suck at choosing the perfect one for me but I love green envy. You just can't go wrong with these pretty sets. Pretty stylish. I've tweeted from @jist_mee and also shared on facebook. jasmiena.thomas[at]

  23. Tams
    Tams says:

    Difficult choice but Green Envy is my favourite, I am equally slack at accessorising but agree it can make all the difference to an outfit.

  24. KhanyaM
    KhanyaM says:

    All fashion fundis know that this winter the polka trend is back in action.The combination of the black and white is symbloic, to me, of the hidden strength of a conservative woman. It says "I'm a deliacte being but I'm not to be taken likely". The retro shades tell a story of a poise young woman,the diamond studs speak of being wealthy at heart. Black accessories and simple and easy to sport. Look 1 is the one for me! The return of basic black ***

  25. Razaan
    Razaan says:

    All these are gorgeous! But I'm definitely going with green envy. Its stunning. Following, tweeted, liked and shared. razaan12[at] and @zaana_zaza

  26. Passionate Cherry
    Passionate Cherry says:

    Black is Back!!! Can I get a whooooo hoooo?! Totally inlove with number one polka dots do it for me, what a fashion statement plus black blends in well with everything ;)my email is tkscota[at]

  27. Lu3Lu
    Lu3Lu says:

    I love look number 1 and number 5! Black accessories can go with any outfit, and green is that colour that can give a pop to an outfit!

  28. Olivia McHelm
    Olivia McHelm says:

    So beautiful! Green Envy is my absolute favourite, followed closely by Birds of a Feather. Ah, GREEN! 😀 <3 So gorgeous! Gotta love Sass Diva for their amazing accessories Xo

  29. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Definitely getting these cute tins, so when my boys (I live with 4!) go digging through my handbag for mints, they'll get a nice surprise! hehe

    Loving the Green with envy.



  30. RoyalT
    RoyalT says:

    Green Envy and Black is Back are my favs!!! Natasha King email: tashtashking[at] twitter name: @tashini cell:0718787035

  31. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    I would rock,look 3 floral fantasy for winter. instead of predictable solid colours,prints can playful & chic if done right.It's flower power for me cocotheories on twitter.

  32. shannOnfrost
    shannOnfrost says:

    hay there !!

    great competition & loving your blog.
    i have tweeted & liked & LOVED everything so please pick me friend! i really like the birds of feather range. i am very into the whole indie/native american trend.

    will keep following you xox

  33. Ebrahim
    Ebrahim says:

    I will love to win this for my wife (green envy). Beautiful jewellery for a beautiful lady. I've liked and tweeted under @Mr_Ebie ebrahim1602[at]

  34. Unknown
    Unknown says:

    I would love to win with @Talkto_Ava, @SassDivaSA and @toritatham: …for my best friend's birthday. We have been through so much and it would be nice to give her a gift like this…especially because Sass Diva is her favourite store…she would Love no.1 Black is Back..:-) please pick me

  35. Aysha
    Aysha says:

    Green Envy fits perfectly with my work colours at my new job. Tweeted (@ay5ha_t) I would love to win with @Talkto_Ava, @
    SassDivaSA and @toritatham:


  36. Queen Sassy
    Queen Sassy says:

    Yay yay yay! Found this comp in the last hour before it closes. I just have to enter. Gotta be in it to win. Wow its hard to choose my fav one as I love them all but I have to go with Green Envy. Its so pretty. Please choose me? Following @Talkto_Ava, @SassDivaSA
    and @toritatham . Also tweeted for an extra enter. Holding thumbs. Would love to win for the first time in my life hehehe thank you. Twitter ~ @Kioni_88 I am officially you 100th entrant


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