My Diligo experience

You will all know (if you have read my previous posts and follow me on Twitter) how amazed I have been withDiligo’s online store. I wanted to share my experience with you through a video clip so you could see the item and I could explain the process.(Excuse the face that YouTube INSISTS on freezing on – although pretty much sums up this day thus far with the incredibly slow internet at work…)

Below is the dress that I bought. I am so unbelievably happy with it, so summery and the fabric is really light and non-clingy. Nothing worse in summer than wearing a clingy fabric! The selection is great, and as I say in the video, everything is limited, thus you won’t walk down Kloof street and bump into five other ladies in the same dress. *huge sigh of relief*.

Diligowebsite… Get shopping 🙂

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