Dyptique, Paris

It truly is one of my favourite brands. I have told you about my love affair with scented candles – and this is my ultimate.

Dyptique Paris is a company that makes scented candles and perfumes, even though they originally started as a fabric company.

Recently got the fig candle from Country Road – pretty amazing too

I started my collection while living in London and now cherish everyone I own – with my favourite being the limited edition John Galliano ones that I have put around my bath, and Figuier (fig for those of us who can’t speak French). 

I also absolutely love the Mimosa – a beachy, summery fragrance – although I burnt this one a bit too long (they can’t burn for longer than 2 hrs at a time because of the perfumes) and it caught on fire – literally. In my panic I tried to blow it out and the hot wax splashed on my face – I was left with a few blisters and a burnt table…Fab.

I also managed to collect a few of the perfumes – even though the scents are incredibly strong – they really are beautiful, classic and timeless – something I can see myself wearing when I’m a granny too.

Have a look at their site here– I know you will fall in love too… (my eye is on this limited edition Jasmine 1.5 kg candle – have you ever!!)

Limited edition 1.5 kg – LOVE this
Apparently Louis Vuitton wears this…
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