I have been very slack this week, I do know this. But work has been all-consuming and is obviously my priority. Alongside a stressful (not necessarily bad) week comes lack of inspiration, well at least for me.

I just can’t seem to be inspired, maybe it’s because my mind doesn’t wonder as much (this is where 90% of my inspiration comes from). I don’t know. But I’m sorry, because now it’s Friday and you can imagine my lack of ideas to bore you to death with!? Mmmm.

So rather I’m going to show you some gorgeous clothes I found on Net-a-porter and odds and ends that I love/want NOW, because they do inspire me 🙂

A.V Paris
Aubin & Wills
Valentino I-Pad Case
Katherine Hamnett
Miu Miu
Tabitha Simmons
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