My caravan park

I’m off to a caravan park in Elgin, and each person I’ve told this to has had a slightly shocked/concerned look on their face. This one is a nice one though, well actually a luxury one.

I am going tomorrow and I couldn’t need a break more if I tried. Need i say more!?!

I will be staying in the Life Before Colour suite – there are a few different one’s, all designed by various designers/artists. I don’t want to elaborate too much though, because i will do a proper post when i return with my own photos and story. 

There won’t be any posts until Monday on my blog but have some things in the pipeline that are incredibly exciting, as well as a give-away that is so amazing it is making me green with envy!!! Pure indulgence!

Have a good weekend xxx

Life Before Colour suite
Life Before Colour suite
It’s in beautiful Elgin – cannot wait
The pool and restaurant area

Images from here

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  1. Kru
    Kru says:

    My grammar's gone to pot. It should actually go:

    I gotta say; this caravan park sounds hella sa-weet.

    Have spanks of fun!

    (sorry for being a pedant!)

  2. Victoria
    Victoria says:

    Can't wait 🙂 Think I actually saw your photos – amazing.

    @Kru – don't worry, it's been a long week, I spelt caravan wrong!

  3. Tania
    Tania says:

    I stayed here last year! Absolutely loved it… my trailer was For Better or For Boerewors. Must organise another trip. Hope you enjoyed it!


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