Loving These Little Things…

I like…

I would love to get my hands on a few of these “little things”. Odds and ends that just add that special touch to a room. Really love these alphabet letter – aren’t they just so gorgeous. They unfortunately are from New York therefore I may just have to make them on my own – should I find the energy, I will definitely do a post. As for this pouf – whats not to love. The hesian look is so in right now and can fit into any rooms really. Again from NYC (those people really have no excuse if they have a shit house…) And of course this little plant – now why can’t Woolies do more of this… and less of the image below!!! This plant reminds me of old school desks. I want 10 of them. And no you cannot get them here – although on a positively SA note, I went to a great decor shop called Haas today, in Bo Kaap. A post will follow 🙂 We have hope…
All images (except the lovely Hippo) are from Urban Outfitters.

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