A game-changer as a small business owner…

Yup, I’m talking about my beloved inverter. So many of you warned me that it would become my favourite child, and you were spot on. 

But, on a serious note, it honestly has been such a game changer for us. I would say especially for myself, as I run my small business from home. Loadshedding was a constant challenge of trying to work around the schedule, charge dead phones on laptops with 10% battery left, draining the data by hot spotting off my phone and, and, and. 

In our personal life it had probably become even more of a challenge as we had a rather large life-changing event happen in January; cue the arrival of our little boy. Any parent will know what an infuriating and frustrating thing loadshedding is with a baby. It’s bad enough without one, throw a crying, hungry baby into the mix when you are frantically trying to sterilize a bottle, heat up some food or just navigate a dark room (a nappy change by candlelight is just not that romantic). 

Our inverter was finally installed about 2 months ago and it’s just been the biggest help. I thought I would pop the detail of the one we opted for in a blog post as this is (sadly) a topic that is very relevant and something that has pretty much become a necessity in all homes…

We opted for the Deye 5KW Hybrid Inverter which is a high-quality hybrid inverter that allows for off-grid and grid-tied systems so, in laymen’s terms, you can use it as a straight up battery back-up system or you have the option to add solar panels to the system. We didn’t go the solar route just yet (due to budget) but at least we can add this on when we are ready. 

Should you want to enquire, get in touch with ACDC Dynamics (link) – they did our inverter and advised us on what solution would be the best fit for our home.

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