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I am such a fan of pretty packaging, so much so that I can literally be tempted into buying something completely useless for the way that it is packaged – and then I never end up using it and admire it until it is way past it’s sell by date! I thought I would share my favourite packaging of beauty products, as this way I’m narrowing down my extremely long list of pretty things.

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Beautiful soaps that are already on my shopping list…
Love these nail polish containers – so simple
How pretty are these soaps? You can buy them from Etsy here
I got this from my sister the other day and I just adore it – too pretty to use I think!
Came across this on Pinterest – a nice one for the boys
I got one of these as a gift when I lived in London and it has my name printed on the label – see my full post here.
How amazing??!
I have mine like this from Melissa’s – so pretty and comes in loads of different flavours
I just adore this diffuser – really want to hunt one down!
Dyptique always has to appear on my list 🙂 Need to stock up in September!
Obviously Benefit has to feature! They are leaving South Africa for good at the end of this month so stock up!
And more Paul & Joe. I want it all!
Just love their packaging – so clean and medical yet beautiful, and always a fan of the amber bottle!

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  1. Hasmita
    Hasmita says:

    I'm also a complete sucker for packaging.. it gets expensive when I buy clothing just because they wrap it beautifully!

    Hasmita, from Jozilicious-

  2. Skinny Bitches - In The Making
    Skinny Bitches - In The Making says:

    Paul and Joe. Wowzer. Those should be bought just for the way they look and then displayed 😉

  3. Nadia Jonker
    Nadia Jonker says:

    I love packaging too! I have a vanity with a collection of boxes / tubes etc? Sad to here about Benefit 🙁 x

  4. Victoria
    Victoria says:

    Yip, I know – so sad when nice brands like that actually venture in SA and then have to leave cos we simply can't support them. Also have that – some are just too pretty to throw away 🙂

  5. Kathryn (Becoming you)
    Kathryn (Becoming you) says:

    Wow what a pretty collection. Love them all. esp Paul and Joe! Problem is I never know what to do with the pretty packaging once the item is finished. Feels a bit silly keeping empty boxes. What do you do with yours??

  6. Cecile
    Cecile says:

    How pretty they really are! Love the Lemon soap, because it's my fave color, hehe. And the Paul & Joe Alice lipstick.

  7. Victoria
    Victoria says:

    I know what you mean, I try and reuse containers where I can, but if it's completely useless I throw it away (I keep the particularly amazing limited edition empties though 🙂 )


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