Mamma Mio High Protein Face Fitness Facial

Mamma Miois a range of products that I have always held in high regard. They are a UK based range, and when I lived there they were all the craze! The great news is that they are now available in South Africa as well as the fabulous treatments that accompany the range.

I went for their Mamma Mio High Protein Fitness Facial a few weeks back. The facial is for all skin types and focuses on working the major muscle groups of the face – so definitely taking working deeply to a whole new level. My therapist, Sarah, was unbelievably knowledgeable and explained each step throughout the treatment. The facial is very interactive and not your average treatment at all – in a good way. There is the perfect balance between complete relaxation and actually working the skin so you not only leave feeling on cloud 9, but also see a true difference in the skin.

My favourite product was the facial scrub, and I loved the Vitamin C serum (which is a salon product only). Everything is new and exciting during the 90 minute treatment – especially when the therapist assists you in doing facial exercises that target your problem areas – you have to have a sense of humour for this! The facial is also about educating the client – so you leave their (much like you would a personal training session) knowing some exercises that will give you the results you are after. The facial massage is also energising and targeted.

The various problem area’s that the facial targets

They say that you will leave feeling ‘super-charged, double-cleansed, massaged, vibrant and growing with health and vitality’ and it really is true. These facial are also obviously fit for pregnant woman, as is the whole range.

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