My Ultimate Love: Gift Wrapping

Unfortunately with my blackberry being in for repairs, taking photos is a little too much of a schlep, especially for holiday mode, so I can’t show you how I’ve done my presents this year.

Gift wrapping is the cherry on the top for me, I think no matter what’s inside, if effort has been put into the wrapping of the gift, it just makes it more heart-felt. It’s that little piece of yourself and makes someone feel special.

This year I opted for my usual trusty brown paper. I managed to find a thicker one which works well. My favourite Merrypak is where I got my beautiful ribbons from. In london I had collected a variety of little wooden decorations that i hung on the gifts, and secured my card with these gorgeous christmassy pegs 🙂

One of the many things I’m looking forward to in Bangkok is trawling those markets on the look out for bits and pieces to add to my gift wrapping/packaging collection!

Hopefully a post will follow soon on my amazing new goodies!

How beautiful is this kit above. I want it.

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